poem O.O

well had my exam today for the third time and finished an hour and 10 minutes early and thought back and got a flashback of how my olf life changed so quickly in 3 months ....have fun reading XD and sorry its long(like this)...
P.S. this is my first post of a poem so srry if i wasted 5 min of ur awesome life...

Chapter 1


by: _Angela
ever since as a kid
ive always been that girl who
i wouldnt cry over a guy
or fall too in love
or care what he thinks about me
or worry that he'll leave me
never cared if he dumped me
that someone found me
he made me see how good it feels
no matter what
i actually have feelings for him
and not just like him
but i love him
more than i ever imagine was possible
if my old self saw me
id probably laugh hysterically at myself
and say what happen to that girl
who said i wouldnt change?
well guess what!
ive met that perfect guy <3 XD
so screw my old self ^_^
and go back to that hole!
cuz my heart is taken
bye bye 8D


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