The Dark Place

The Dark Place

I know I love him, but is he right for me?

Chapter 1


by: isis_smee
The light began to bounce around the dark room as he stepped inside the wooden door.
"I thought you were going hunting, Adrian?" the girl whispered from a dark corner of the room.
"I couldn't go anywhere without you Roza," Adrian whispered back as he strode over to Rose.
Rose blushes as Adrian sits beside her and she snuggles into his warm and cosy side. Adrian rests his arm around her, Rose begins to softly cry into his warm and tender embrace. They sit like this for as long as Rose is awake. When she falls asleep Adrian goes off hunting when he gets back she is still sleeping soundly curled up into his warm jacket where he had left her. Rose snorts softly causing Adrian to giggle, and then she rolls over into his arms again. Adrian kisses her forehead lovingly Rose wakes up and smiles groggily to Adrian as she begins to sit upright but never straying from his embrace.
"Oh Roza, only you could make the morning seem brighter only by smiling to the point of making my heart race," Adrian cooed to her.
" Oh my gosh, that's so sweet Adrian," Rose replies gently leaning forward to nibble his right earlobe.
"I love you with all of my heart Roza," Rose stiffened at the thought of someone loving her for who she was and not who they wanted her to be. Adrian began to worry when Rose didn't reply.
"Rose? Rose are you ok?" He asked as he began to fret.
"Oh I'm fine Adrian, I love you too." she smiled at him as she began to stroke his cheek, she leaned further toward him and kissed him for what seemed like an eternity. They begin to slowly run their hands over each others bodies but just as Adrian began to remove Roses shirt. In burst Adrian's twin brother Dimitri. Rose squeals in surprise and wiggles behind Adrian for protection.
"Hello brother, how are you today?" Adrian asks Dimitri politely.
"Just stopped by for a visit." Dimitri replies as he snarls at where Adrian's hand sits protectively on Rose's shoulder.
"Really? How interesting brother, you've never come to visit before now" Adrian growled at the monster that was his brother standing before him.
"Why don't you just shut up mutt?" Dimitri spat back at him.
"Go bite yourself leech!" Adrian shot back. Rose worked out what they were going to do even before Adrian jumped to his feet and morphed into a wolf, a six foot tall grey timber wolf.
Dimitri's fangs suddenly slid down from his gums and he snarled threateningly causing Rose to catch her breath. Dimitri turned to her as if he had only just seen her for the first time in his life.
"Your going to die, you evil B..." Dimitri snarled at her.
"Now we don't use that language in this house! Do we Rose?" Adrian interrupted.
Rose shook her head violently. "" she stuttered. "I might need to just go outside for a little air," as Rose began to carefully make her way around the argument Adrian blocked an attack from Dimitri sending him spiralling backwards into the far wall. Rose stops where she is and cries.

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