can you help me figure out my dream

At the begining of my dream Im in my old Backyard when i was 6 (and when i was in the country) and i saw my old play house (this play house doesn't exist in the real world but it did in the dream but in the dream i remebered it as if it was real) all my old friends from school was there and at that time i felt like a was 6 years old yet i also felt my current age (17) when i saw my play house i felt like i havent been there in a long time.

Chapter 1


In the ground outside a few yards a way there were three swords the one in the middle was mine (the other 2 swords could belong to either kendal and cheyanne (mentioned later) or austin and donavan or Nick and Matt (i met them around the time i met cheyanne(when i was 14) or BJ and cody (met them when i met kendal) i picked up my sword it was made of plastic and i felt as if it has been there a long time. then i adventured to the play house all the kids seemed to be playing yet wasnt there at the same time i looked in a old door that is in the floor of the play house and when i did i saw the bodies of all my old friends(from when i was 6) inside some lava like lake with sores all over them and they were bony. there i saw kendal and cheyanne (cheyanne is the odd one out since i met her when i was 14 not 6 also BJ and cody wasnt there) i went and pulled out cheyanne and tryed to get kendal but she was gone. then suddenly we were in a car and i was driving and cheyanne was saying bad things about me (which is unlike her we never had a fight or a disagreement i did like her but didnt confess to her) then i took off like her mask or something like that and she turned out to be a women from another dream( both dreams had the same feel and when i think about them my eyes water) IN that dream this mystery woman (i have never met this woman I cant prove that she is real but for some reason in the back of my mind im think she is real) was my girl friend and she told me i cant have her if i was greedy later in that dream (it felt so real i did not forget it) she went missing and i went looking after her and i felt as if some one else was after her and were bad people i think/felt? and i remeber seeing them find her.

I think these two dreams are related (because myster woman is in both of them) but i dont know and i would like diffrent peoples insigt as in what is going on in my head. p.s my friend austin was in the dream of the mysterywoman trying to help me find her and in real life i described her he said she sounded familer

Her description

emotionless face
between 5'5 5'9
gray eyes or hazel maybe
black hair
she feel important in both dreams
same black night gown dress thing( or a really long t shirt)


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