My Boyfriend Howls At The Moon, But He's Just Doing What Wolves Do (A Jacob Black Love Story)

NEW STORY! Based on the Twilight series! Jacob Black. ♥ Hope you enjoy!
Name: Nikki Swanson
Age: 16
Parents: Mom, dead. Lives with dad.
Personality: Very fun & outgoing. Best friends with Jake and Caitlin. (Bella doesn't exist) Only child. Loves swimming and climbing trees. Thinks Jake is hot. Doesn't know Jake is a wolf. (Hair color, eye color will be explained in story)

Chapter 12

One of a Kind

by: vixybear
Nikki's P.O.V.
It was all a dream. Or so I thought. I sat bolt upright, panting. I just had a dream that I killed Paul. But of course it wasn't a dream. It was all real.

I just wouldn't let myself believe it.

"Oh Nikki," Jake cooed. I looked at him, and he pulled me into a hug. I was expecting my body to jerk back in shock, but it didn't. Jake's touch just felt... warm. I pushed him away shocked. Why was he so... warm?

"I'm glad you have woken," Carslile said. He was the Cullens' 'dad'.

"What...?" I was confused. Before when Jake touched me it hurt like hell.

"You are confused. See, look at your finger." I glanced down to see a silver ring with three sky blue diamonds. "That ring is one of a kind; it's very special. It can do two things to you: It will make your sensitivity to any werewolf's touch lower, and it gives you the ability having very strong and fast reflexes. For instance, you're in a tree you can jump from tree to tree in a blink of an eye."

"....You are kidding... right?" I was astounded.
Carslile laughed, "I'm not. You should be greatful for the ring — it's a one of a kind."
So you guys are probably wondering why I haven't written for this story in a while and the truth is — I'm getting bored of it. I know, that's not very... professional of me, but I'm thinking of ending this story in the next chapter. I am sorry, but I'm just not coming up with ideas anymore. Maybe it's 'cause my body is changing. -sigh- Stupid hormones... Anyway, who knows why. Just tell me what you think I should do in the comments, please. Or, if you want me to keep this story going, care to share some ideas? Then the story would be going your way! :) Thanks for your time. ^^

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