My Boyfriend Howls At The Moon, But He's Just Doing What Wolves Do (A Jacob Black Love Story)

NEW STORY! Based on the Twilight series! Jacob Black. ♥ Hope you enjoy!
Name: Nikki Swanson
Age: 16
Parents: Mom, dead. Lives with dad.
Personality: Very fun & outgoing. Best friends with Jake and Caitlin. (Bella doesn't exist) Only child. Loves swimming and climbing trees. Thinks Jake is hot. Doesn't know Jake is a wolf. (Hair color, eye color will be explained in story)

Chapter 11

The Fight To The Death

by: vixybear
Jake's P.O.V.

After Nikki left, I immediately phased and ran toward's Sam's house. I phased, put shorts on and stormed inside. I saw Paul, Sam, Quil, Embry, Jared, and Seth sitting at the table eating. Sam immediately looked at me.

"Where've you been?" he asked.

"Rescuing Nikki," I glared at Paul. Paul smirked, but was sitting beside Sam so he couldn't see it. "Paul's been kidnapping Nikki! He r@p*d her and turned her into a leech." Sam turned to Paul.

"Is that true Paul?" Paul bristled and walked over to me, then swung a fist but I ducked.

"Hey hey hey, Emms, we're going outside." I walked outside, pacing the ground impatiently. It was just me, Sam, and Paul. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I phased, and growled. Paul phased also, and Sam was alarmed.

"Jake, Paul, don't do this." I growled and Paul attacked me. I went flying backwards, hitting a tree. My adrenaline was pumping. I leaped on him, and he hit the ground on his back. I scratched at his belly, blood came pouring out. He bit my paw and I howled in pain, and Paul kicked me off him. I stumbled as I hit the ground, my paws sliding. Paul flipped me over, one paw on my neck, and the other paw raised. I gulped and tried kicking him off but he dodged my kick. In a swift move, his claws raked through my throat.

I howled in agony, then, suddenly Paul's body went flying off me. My vision was blurring from the loss of so much blood. I looked to see what — who attacked Paul. It was Nikki. She was in a battle stance, her red eyes filled with fury. Her eyes flickered over to me, her expression softening. I wanted to smile, but then I saw a bur of gray.

"Paul don't! Newborns could kill you!" Sam yelled. I got up, then fell to the ground. I was so weak. I just barely made out Nikki smashing Paul's body to the ground. Paul tried to bite her but she broke his neck. Then, everything went black.
Sorry this one was so short! I have a big idea and I want to save it for the next chapter!! :D

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