My Boyfriend Howls At The Moon, But He's Just Doing What Wolves Do (A Jacob Black Love Story)

NEW STORY! Based on the Twilight series! Jacob Black. ♥ Hope you enjoy!
Name: Nikki Swanson
Age: 16
Parents: Mom, dead. Lives with dad.
Personality: Very fun & outgoing. Best friends with Jake and Caitlin. (Bella doesn't exist) Only child. Loves swimming and climbing trees. Thinks Jake is hot. Doesn't know Jake is a wolf. (Hair color, eye color will be explained in story)

Chapter 1


by: vixybear
"Ughh! Help me out, Jake," I said as I rubbed the hood of my dad's car. Jake has been my best friend since I was two. Our moms met at our old daycare and they pretty much put us together and we became best friends.

Anyway, back to reality.

Jake rubbed the other side, whistling. I chuckled at his corny act. I leaned down to get my sponge wet again, and when I stood up, I was blasted with cold water. Goosebumps immediately formed on my body. Jake had a devilish grin on his face. I narrowed my eyebrows, picked up the soap bucket, and splashed him. He smiled and sprayed me with the hose and I walked over to him and rubbed the sponge all over his face. The hose fell to the ground and he laughed. I laughed with him.

"Hey, nice bra strap Kiki," he chuckled. "It matches your hair!" It did not. My hair was blonde, not white! I flung the sponge at him.

"Well, it's not like you've never seen one!" I replied, my face blushing lightly. He grinned again.

"Aww, you're blushing!" he exclaimed. I flicked the remaining water on my fingers and ran inside, slipping on the rug. Jake must've been behind me because he fell on top of me. I groaned in pain. "Sorry, Kiki," he whispered.

I had nicknames, like Kiki and Nik. I just nodded as he lifted off himself off of me. I turned myself over and he held out his hand. I took it and he literally lifted me off my feet. Jake was like a 1 foot taller than me. I am only 5'9", while he was around 6'6". He had these beautiful brown eyes that were so dreamy I could swim in them, and amazingly tan skin that looked like caramel. He was part Quileute, a tribe in La Push. His hair was a midnight black, spiky and it suited his look.

"Hey, love birds! Time for lunch!" My best friend, Caitlin yelled. Jake smiled and I blushed deeply, embarrassed. I grabbed a towel, tossed one to Jake, and walked into the kitchen, wanting to know what she made for lunch. I saw this brown gooey stuff in a container. I wrinkled my nose at the smell while rubbing my hair.

"Um," I pointed to the brown stuff, "What is that?" I asked. Caitlin smiled as Jake stepped into the room. Jake obviously didn't like the the smell either, by the look he was giving me. "On second thought, Jake and I'll pick up McDonald's!" I pushed Jake out of the kitchen and out the door, breathing in good-smelling air. "You drive," I said to him, getting into my crappy truck. Jake sighed as he closed the door.

"When will your dad finally realize that this thing," He gestured his hands at my truck, "Is junk?" He asked, our eyes meeting. I shrugged and looked at window.

"Maybe when it's dead," I replied.

"That can be arranged," I heard his snicker and I looked at him, a grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm lightly.

"I'll ask him for a new car for my birthday, now drive, I'm freaking starving!" I rubbed my stomach. When we pulled into the McDonald's parking lot, Jake asked me what I wanted to order.

"The usual," I replied.

"Okay." The car pulled up to the electronic thingy.

"Hello, sir. What would you like to order?" A woman's voice asked.

"Hello. I would like three double cheeseburgers, with fries, and two chocolate shakes." It was a few seconds before the lady spoke again.

"Alright. Your total is $14.12. Have a good day."

"You too." And Jake pulled up. After we finally got our food, he pulled into a parking space and we dug in.

"Oh my gosh! We didn't order anything for Caitlin!" I exclaimed, turning my head, and bonking Jake's arm. "Ouch!" I rubbed my head, dropping my cheeseburger. Jake laughed as I picked up my burger. I blew on it. I glared at Jake for a brief moment before taking a bite. A burst of delicious flavor flooded into my mouth. I felt Jake's eyes on me. I glanced at him, our eyes locking for a brief second, until I realized he was already done. I was suprised.

"A pig much?" I teased, taking another bite. He shrugged and started the car.

"I guess," He winked at me. I rolled my eyes and finished my lunch, licking my fingers.

"So what kind of car do you want?" Jake asked, starting conversation. I shrugged.

"I really like Lexus," I replied.

"Oh, yea, they are cool."

"So, any girlfriends I don't know about?" I grinned.

"I dunno...what do you think?" he asked, grinning back.

"Well, who wouldn't want to go out with you? You're funny, cute, sweet, kind, tall, and a very happy person," I replied. He smiled at me.

"You think I'm cute?" he raised an eyebrow. I blushed, looking at my feet.

"Well..." I trailed off, knowing he already knew the answer.

"Kiki, you're really pretty, you know that right?" he asked, "I love your eyes. They're such a pretty blue." I smiled weakly. "Sometimes I can't take my eyes off of you." I felt so special. I was flattered by his words. He cleared his throat and we were on the way home when I felt tension in the air.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked, concerned. He shook his head quickly.

"I'm fine," he replied quickly.

"Okay," I smiled and looked back out the window. When we got home, we decided to go up into my room to have some fun. No, not that kind of fun, but actual fun.

"Ready to get your butt kicked, Jakey-poo?" I teased.

"I think it's the other way around, Kiki baby!" Jake smiled. Jake and I played Halo Reach, me beating him 4 times, him beating me 6.

"You little cheater! You distracted me with a question!" I spazzed, in a playful way.

"Kiki," he cracked his knuckles, "It's called skill," he closed his eyes, his arms resting behind his head, his legs stretched out onto my lap. I rolled my eyes and pushed his legs onto the floor. His eyes opened and he grinned.

"Oh, so that's how you want to play?" he said and stood up. I laughed and made a run for the door, but he pushed it shut. I ran around the room, jumping on my bed and the floor. Just when I was about to reach for the door, Jake grabbed my wrists and pinned them against the door, his body pressed against mine. I was breathing heavily, my breath blewing onto his face, while his onto mine. His breath smelled so good. I smiled.

"Okay," I paused, breathing, "You win."

"I'll let you go after you say Jake is the hottest guy in the world," he smiled.

"And I'd do that because...?" I raised an eyebrow.

"So you can help boost my confidence," he winked. I sighed.

"Okay, Jake is the hottest guy in the world," I said dully. Truth is, he was.

"So, what do you want to do now?" he asked, letting go of my wrists.

"Jake!" My dad called. "Your dad called! He wants you home!" Jake rolled his eyes and looked at me.

"Well, maybe you'd want to go out for dinner tomorrow?" Jake asked, rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled.

I nodded, "Sure, that'd be fun. Can I invite Caitlin and her boyfriend? Well, it's not like a double date or anything —" Jake cut me off.

"I'd be honored to be your 'date' for tomorrow. Well, see ya!" Jake said before closing the door. When I got out of the shower, I was so excited for tomorrow. I was going on a date with Jake! Well, we weren't going to be alone, but still! I smiled to myself as I climbed in bed and turned off the light.

"Good night, Jake," I whispered and closed my eyes, remembering Jake's beautiful eyes.

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