Twilight Love Story - Lost and Found again

Twilight Love Story - Lost and Found again

A love story about two girls who fall unwillingly in love with twilight men; but will it end in tragedy, heatbreak, joy or perfection? Only time can tell...

-By Violet_Moonlight and missmalfoy2

Chapter 1

The Forgotten Friend

I'm Liana Mayson, I have just turned sixteen and this is how I fall in love...

After nine years of living in Turkey I finally returned to Forks and it was a relief to be back with my people. Despite the weather and the mundane routines, I loved the pure air, the forests, mountains and the community. I arrived at my new house with my mother and father (Helena and Nathaniel Mayson). It was a large picturesque cottage which housed three large bedrooms; a rustic, open kitchen joined onto a oakwood themed dining room; a beautiful scenic garden; a bathroom and an en-suite. It was wonderful, like a home from a fairy tale and I was a princess...
But that's just silly.
My birthday was a month ago and I got given a gorgeous purple satin dress that finished just below the knees. I thought I'd explore a bit in my new dress to see if I could see any of my former friends, although I was worried that they wouldn't remember me, but nevertheless I decided to visit to La Push to see if Jacob was still around. I said goodbye to my parents and promised to be back by dinner time which gave me at least four hours.
I reached the La Push beach which seemed to be deserted, nothing but the sound of the waves crashing down on the shore echoing inside my head. Everything seemed to go quiet, even the waves seemed to stop. The only sound I could hear was the wind blowing lightly, almost like a sweet voice whispering inside my mind. 'You came back to me...' it seemed to say, over and over again in a tone of longing and passion.
Suddenly I sensed someone behind me so I spun around. All the sounds seemed to begin at once, like the insane racket of tone-deaf children left to play with instruments. Before me stood a tall, slim young man with glossy short-ish black hair and heart-melting chocolate brown eyes; if I didn't know any better I would have thought it was Jacob. It couldn't be though because when I left Forks I was seven whilst Jacob was ten so he would of been older than the boy before me.
I stood awkwardly, unsure what to say as the cold wind wrapped it's talons around me, making my hairs stand on end. I cleared my throat, "Hi" I managed to say, which made me feel rather pathetic if I was honest.
"Hey" He replied with a dazzling smile that blew me away. He looked me up and down, and noticed the raised hairs on my arms. "You look cold," the mysterious boy stated will removing his navy coloured jacket and draping it over my shoulders. The heat from the jacket was intense, as if it had been kept inside an oven.
I swiftly took the jacket off of myself and held it out to him, "Thanks but I wouldn't want to take your jacket. Besides, you might get cold too."
He sighed and took the jacket back but instead of putting it back on he placed it on the floor and began to walk off. Gobsmacked I watched as he slowly paced away, so I picked up his jacket and brushed off the grains of sand. I ran after him and started to walk beside the boy, unsure of what to do. "I didn't mean to offend you," I reassured him, "It's just I thought... well I don't know what I thought..." It was only as I stood next to him that I realised that my head barely reached his shoulders, and this made me feel safe in a strange sense of the word.
"You don't remember me do you?" The boy asked as he turned to me with a sorrowful look planted upon his face.
My heart skipped a beat. It was ironic that it was me who had forgotten someone and not the other way around.
"The name's Seth" he informed me.
'Seth?' I thought to myself. 'Who's Seth...?' Then it hit me. He was the one of the younger quileute boys, the one who I had made sand castles and brownies and various other childish things with. I had spent most of my time with the older boys, but I could remember Seth now. "Seth!?" I laughed in amazement, "Seth Clearwater?"
That wonderful smile that I was beginning to like was lighting up his face again as if I had just given him some fantastic news. "You've changed so much!" I laughed again, taking in his muscular frame and russet skin tone.
"In a good way I hope?" He winked at me.
To my suprise he grabbed me by the hand and started to pull me along. "Come, you must see the others Li; they'll be so happy to see you after all these years."
I was overcome with joy, causing a single tear to fall from my sky blue eyes that I wiped away with my free hand. I was going to see Jacob again.

My Jake...

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