So wrong but yet so right!( A Draco Malfoy story)

Okay so after many days of thinkking and planning, I have come up with my first Draco Malfoy story. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


“WHAT?! But Nikki you can`t move we were going to go to Hogwarts together.” Draco cries.” I know but my parents are making us move. Dad got a new job,” I mutter. Draco looks down and we swing silently.” I`ll miss you so much,” I sadly cry.” I`ll miss you too,” he nods.” Nicole come on we have to go,” My older brother yells. I hug my best friend and sadly cry.” Wait before I go remember how we promised to always be friends? Well we`ve got to promise each other no matter what,” I urge.
“Right you`ll always be my friend… here have this, something you can remember me by,” he sniffles handing me a ring. It`s silver with a black gem in the middle. I put it on my finger and give him my ring, a black ring with a green gem. “NICOLE AMBER NIGHT! LET`S GO,” my dad yells. I sadly turn to go, Draco grabs me and hugs me tight and then kisses my cheek. Then I walk away leaving my best friend since we were babies and my old life. “ You`ll see him again,’ my mom whispers.” Yah but by then, he will change,” I mutter.” Don`t be so negative,” my dad orders. I cross my arms and inside I will never forgive him for breaking us apart.

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