Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 12

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 12

Part 12 , school is such a hassel, to many projects.

im trying to get them done a fast as i can. but i might not be putting them up daily anymore

Chapter 1

Quidditch Tryouts

by: kinewnew
Weeks passed since I confronted Draco about what happened on the train. He has still been acting a bit suspicious but I haven’t been to keen on him. That also doesn’t mean I don’t notice and that I’m not watching. Harry told us that Dumbledore has been showing him things about Tom Riddles past. It makes since, you can find a person’s weakness in their past. Harry’s potions book also supposedly belonged to a half-blood prince. These past weeks have been busy ones; the Halloween Ball is coming up, Quidditch tryouts today, pre exams. I was on my way to the field when I saw Draco. “Hey, guess who?” I said from behind him. “Ugh Pansy what do you want,” he said annoyingly, turning around. I gasped, and pushed him. “I was kidding,” he said smiling. “Of course you were,” I said rolling my eyes. “Shouldn’t you be heading to your Gryffindor tryouts, I don’t see why you need to your team is going to lose anyways.” He said smirking. “Oh, you wish. Maybe you should tell your team to play better and we wouldn’t win the house cup every year.” I said. “That’s how you feel, well.” He said smirking sinisterly and slowly walking towards me. “No, I was kidding.” I said backing away. He grabbed my arms and raised them over my head; he slowly leaned down to my face and pressed his lips to mind. It had to be our best kiss yet, our lips moved perfectly in sync together, the tip of his tongue touched my lip and just as I was about to let him in he pulled away. Though our faces were still close to each other, I smiled. He leaned in again and I closed my eyes knowing that this next kiss would be better than the first. But it didn’t come he laughed against my lips and released my arms and walked away, I stared at him in anger and I stormed off to the quidditch field. “What took you so long?” Ron asked. “Nothing, “ I muttered smiling, thinking about me and Draco’s kiss. Harry just glared at me. “Okay listen up there are like fifty of you, but only 6 spots opened. So that means most of you won’t make it, alright.” Harry yelled to the noisy crowd. Ron was first, he looked very nervous, this could not be good. He hopped on his broom and flew up. Ron saved five penalties out of five, it was amazing, I was certainly impressed. Next for keeper was Cormac Mclaggen, I’ll admit he was a little attractive. He played as good as looked four in a row so far and just when I thought he was about to get his fifth his broom swerved out of the way of the ball. Kind of liked what happened to harry in our First year. I turned to look at Hermione and she looked a little too proud with herself. Turns out there were so many people trying out, because most weren’t even in Gryffindor, they only came to see harry “the chosen one”. The tryouts were finally over and the team consisted of Harry as seeker, Ron as keeper, Jimmy Peakes and Richie Coote as beaters, and me, Ginny, and Katie Bell as keepers. We all walked to the common room together talking about dates for quidditch training and stuff. The conversation turned, when we got in the common room, about the Halloween ball. “So Harry who are you taking?” Ginny asked, Harry’s developed that look that I’ve noticed a lot of guys get. “Um, no yet,” he said blushing slightly. “What about you Adriana?” Peakes asked me. “Uh, let’s just say it’s a surprise,” I said, Harry looked at me. I think he knew exactly who I was going to the ball with. Hermione came in a while later, but it was just me and Harry at the table. Ron went to sleep and Ginny went with Dean. “Hi, Hermione do you have a date for the Halloween ball?” I asked her. “Not yet, speaking of dates though, Malfoy told me to tell you to meet him at the Room of Requirement in 10 minutes.” She said sighing. “Adriana it is so dangerous for you to be with Malfoy all the time. I’m still going to be keeping an eye out on him for you.” Harry said sounding angry. “you know what Adriana I’ll go with you, I have to look up more about this half-blood prince anyways.” Hermione said. “Hermione you are not going to find anything, give it a rest.” Harry said. I smiled and slowly walked out the portrait hole as Harry and Hermione kept arguing. I approached the room of requirement and saw Draco. “Hey Smith,” Draco said pulling me to him. “Hi, Malfoy,” I said matching him. “You know I don’t think it was very fair of you, for what you did earlier today,” I continued. He smiled and pulled me even closer. “so are you ready for your Gryffindors to know about you dating a Slytherin?” he asked. “Depends, are you ready for you Slytherins to know that you are dating a Gryffindor?” I counter asked him. “I’m more than ready. In fact I’ll give them a show that will shock every single one of them” he said smirking. “Draco, what are you planning?” I asked him. “Nothing you need to worry about now Adriana.” He said. I sighed and layed my head against his chest, slowly drifting into sleep.


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