The Scarlet Murders: The Beginning

The Scarlet Murders: The Beginning

Amaris Drake was murdered one night by a man called Jason Scarlet, a horrible, creepy man who desrves to die but since Amaris is a ghost she has to find someone who can do the killing for her. Can she find help, or is she destined to be a ghost forever?

Chapter 1

The Scarlet Murders: The Beginning

It all started one dark, miserable night. I was killed, murdered. I didn’t even do anything to deserve this, I was alone and bleeding to death, I don’t know where I was but I was dying. Why am I not in heaven is there any such thing? I didn’t know. I am a spirit now, but I needed to speak to someone, but no one could see me, or if they did they wouldn’t say anything. I’m day dreaming now; going back to that night, the night I Amaris Drake was murdered.
My friend Jessie and I were at a bar, celebrating New Years Eve, I was a little drunk, but so was everybody else. I went into the restroom to do a hair and make-up check, the mirror was half broken but I could still see my face. I was looking back at the girl who loved life. I had great friends and family, what more was needed, but the man that killed me didn’t think I need to live. I didn’t know why he killed me but I think I was going to find out. So, I was checking make up, putting red lipstick on my round shaped lips, I put some more mascara on my eyelashes which were very long and my eyes were a bright, icy blue. I fixed my hair in a loose bun and walked back out to meet Jessie, my best friend since 5th grade. I was walking back to our table, but I didn’t see Jessie, I thought she must have been dancing but what I didn’t know that she was at the back of the club getting bashed. 2 hours past and she still wasn’t back so I decided to ask around, I was starting to get worried when she missed out on the New Years countdown. I asked the bartender whose name was Joey, who Jessie was talking and flirting with before. He said that she went out back to have a smoke, so I went to the back door of the club and it was half open, I opened it all the way and saw blood on the ground. I followed the blood and I heard voices. I found Jessie, an older looking man was holding her arms and making them really red, I looked closer and her arm was bleeding and so was her face, her makeup was running down her face and she was crying. Her hair looked like a birds nest. Then the man slapped her in the face, I yelled at him and he saw me, he dropped Jessie on the ground then came after me I started to run, I couldn’t run very fast in heels, so quickly took them off. In the background I heard Jessie yell out something and I heard a gunshot and felt alot of pain in my back, I fell to the ground. I saw the man run away, and I saw Jessie come up to me and she put her hand on my head saying that everything would be okay as I started to drift out in unconsciousness.
When I woke up I felt very light-headed, I was still in the clothes from the night before. I tried to find a mirror, but there were none around. I was pretty sure I was in the hospital. I went down the hallway there was a nurse, a doctor and just a couple of other people. I walked down to them and asked what was happening, they didn’t answer me. I asked again, they still didn’t answer. I walked back to my room and I saw a young girl on the bed that looked like me, I walked closer to her and realised it was me! I was freaking out right now; I needed to remember what happened. I remember Jessie getting beat up by this man, and I remember walking over to her to help her after the man pushed her on the ground. I also remember running and feeling alot of pain in my back, but that’s about it. I needed to find Jessie to see if she could see me...or hear me.
I still kept trying to remember but nothing came to me, but then I forgot about my back. I was sure I got shot in the back so I pulled up my shirt and felt for a wound or something but there was nothing. I suddenly had a thought but I didn’t think it was true. I thought that I was...dead. It was stupid to think that but I started retracing my steps, and since no one could see me I don’t think that anyone would mind me looking around the club when it’s closed. When I got to the club I went around back to where I remembered Jessie getting hurt by that creep. I suddenly had a flashback or some kind of vision about what happened. That man was holding Jessie, I couldn’t see his face very well, he was hidden by Jessie’s hair and she was also very tall and he was short. But then he turned Jessie around so they were face to face, I seen the man’s face, he was bald with a strange tattoo on the back of his head, he turned at the right time and the tattoo was a really scary clown face. I hate clowns, he turned again; Jessie tried to punch him but failed. He held her face by his tattooed hand, he had tattoos everywhere and they were all scary pictures or words. He was wearing a tight, black singlet and black jeans with black biker boots. He hit Jessie again and whispered something in her ear; I heard part of it, which was only a couple of words. Gun...kill...her...tonight. I didn’t know what that meant but when I saw myself come out of the club and ran over to help Jessie, she yelled at me to run away and I did, I remember this now, I was shot, but it wasn’t by the creepy man it was Jessie who shot me. Jessie who’s been my best friend since 5th grade. Why would she do such a thing? I looked back at my bleeding body and saw the man run away, what an idiot. But then I saw that Jessie came over to me to help. I heard her say that it will be all right. Maybe she was trying to shoot the man instead of me. I seen myself go unconscious, and just as I was about to go back to reality somehow I was still at the club and still seeing my body, but two things were missing from this picture. Jessie...and the gun. I was freaked out now, where was Jessie what happened to her? Then a couple of minutes later I heard footsteps I looked up and seen the creepy man, I realised he looked familiar, he bent down to my body, I seen that I was still alive, I was breathing and I know that the man couldn’t see me so I bent down to look at my body and I was definitely shot in the back but it wasn’t that bad, so if I really was dead, how was I dead? I forgot the gun was missing too and realised that the creepy man had it in his hand; I suddenly remembered why he looked so familiar, he was my dad’s best friend. My dad likes to ride motor bikes and the man taught him how to ride properly and they became friends. I tried to remember what his name was. He then loaded the gun with 5 more bullets. He pointed the gun at my back but only shot 4 bullets, the 5th one was left in there, he then walked over to the garbage bin, opened the lid and shot, I ran over to the bin and screamed, it was Jessie, she was shot in the head by that one last bullet. I couldn’t look anymore because there was so much blood. I sat down on an empty box and when I looked up I was back in real life. I was dead, I was really dead. I wanted revenge, I don’t care if I couldn’t touch anything I’m going to kill him. Jason Scarlet is a dead man.
To be continued...

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