Your Bad Boy Love Story

well i finally decided to add on so hope you like it

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

by: syd23
Wow they broke up, I hope I didn’t have anything to do with that. “So ____, how about we get to P.E.?” Nolan asked. “Well we’re already late so how about we just skip?” after thinking for a few seconds a huge grin is on his face and he replies, “Yeah sure I know the perfect place we can go.” He leads you around the school and into an empty art room. “What are we doing here?” you ask. “Well I just wanted to be able to talk to you and this place has always been my favorite room in the school.” he quickly replied.
Nolan's POV
Wow she really is different, she's down to earth, funny, smart and did I mention SMOKING HOT
"So ___ what do you want to do now?"
"How about we actually go to Spanish now?" she answered
Well there is an empty seat by me. "Ok lets go."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SORRY THAT IT'S SO SHORT, I DON'T REALLY HAVE TIME TO WRITE SO HOPE YOU LIKE IT

purpleness09 (I finally added on lol thanks for asking)

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