I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

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Chapter 3

Whispering Walls

I run. Run as fast as I can until I cant breath anymore. I fall to the ground trying to catch my breath. Once my heart rate goes normal I stand up and look at my surroundings. On my left side its snowing lightly with the touch of moonlight shining on the snowflakes. On my right it has red rocks with red dirt and the sun blazing down. I look down trying to figure out which way to go. Left, I can die of cold weather, or Right, I can die of burning sun. I look up and a gust of hot air blows right through me. It smelt like flowers and sweet candy. I cough becasue sand got in my throat. I put my hands on my knees as I cough and I notice a conversed shoes infront of me. I look up and a boy with light skin and dark hair in standing infront of me."May I help you?" I asked with a bit of sour in my tone. He just stared, then in a blink of an eye he's gone. In his place a huge black widow. I screamed and ran away "Ivvie. Ivvie. Ivvie!" Aiden said shaking my shoulders. I sat up and gasped. "It's got me! I swear to god it's got me!" I yelled throwing my covers on the floor and stamping on it. I ewas sure the black widow was in my blanket. I grabbed a broom in the corner of my room and smacked my blacket. "Die you poisonous spider. Die!" I yelled. I was about to hit my blanket again wen I was stopped. The broom was pulled out of my hand and thrown across the room. Cathy grabbing my arm and flew me into a hug. "It's gonna get me! It's here. In my blanket! The spider!" I yelled trying to wiggle out of her grasp. "Ssshhh honney. It's just a dream. Ssshhh...It's okay. Just a dream. Calm down." She said stroking my hair. I stopped wiggling wrapped my arms around her. I tried to slow my breathing. I just couldnt. Sam looked at me then turned to Cathy. "Cat I think she needs some water. She's hyperventalating." Sam said pulling me away from Cathy's grasp. Aiden rushed out of the room and came back seconds later with water. My breathing slowed and I went back to bed, scared. As I got out of bed I felt like someone was by my ear. Like someone was about to whisper something in my ear. I flew my hand back and wacked air. I turned around and saw nothing but the wall. I felt like something wasnt right. As i got dressed I heard a noise come from the back of my closet like a little breeze of air passing through. I pushed my clothes away and found nothing. "Missed me." Something whispered. I turned around. Nothing. I figured it was just my mind and went back to changing. I wore a pink top with a bright green skirt with a black necklace and black ear-rings to go with my black heels and pink and green bracelts to go with my outfit. I opened the door and heard more whispering "I love you. We're so close to seeing each oth..." It said, but was soon inturrupted by Sam yelling downstairs, "Ivvie! Aiden! Ryan! Chase! Breakfast!" I ran down stairs and ate my breakfast. As I went out the door, it seemed to whisper "Soon my love. Soon." I looked at the door and walked away. I ate lunch with the twins while Aiden had to stay back to finish a math test. I wanted so much to ask them about the whispers but I was such a chicken I couldnt bring myself to ask. I decided to wait until the end of the school day...The bell rang and I hurried to the back of the band room. Aiden was there. Then Ryan and Chase. I was last. "You took so long. We were gonna ditch." Aiden said. "Dude. Its like 60 seconds after the bell. Relax. Dont be so impaitent." I said shoving him in the shoulder. He luaghed and we started walking. "So." I started, "Did you guys hear the whispering this morning?" All three looked at me. "Huh?" "I heard whispering. One in my room. One on the stairs and one on the door. You didnt hear it?" "Nope. It must that nightmare after-shock you had." Aiden said smiling. He was right. "Yeah. Maybe. It was creepy at the door I heard it say 'soon my love. Soon' Wierd huh?" Ryan and Chase said nothing. Aiden laughed, "You seriously need to chill." I rolled my eyes.

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