I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

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Chapter 2


Mid-quarter grades come out today. I'm feeling pretty nevrous. Lately this family has been keeping me from my studies. Turning in homework late. Not studying enough on tests. And not being able to write all my notes fully w/o writing something weird in the middle of them. As I walked down the hall, passing rushing students, to go to my homeroom. It's 1:15 right now. We get out at 1:30. Wednesday. I got there and sat in my assigned seat next to a girl named Honor. Honor was a smart person who always got good grades. She was a shoe in for a perfect 4.0 GPA. She always bragged about having the perfect grades for 4 years in a row. I smiled being polite and nodded. "I know gonna get a 4.0. I can feel it." She said as she stood up to get her report card from the teacher. "Ivvie Shadowsworth!" Mrs. Tumbler said. I walked up to her desk. "Congradulations. You got the best mid-quarter grades in the entire class." She said. Mrs. Tumbler's eyes were glassy and wide. Her voice was as if a robot had taken over. I gave her an odd look but it vanished as quick as it came. I smiled and thanked her. I waited til I got back to my desk to look at my grades. When I sat down Honor was sobbing. "Honor? Honor what's wrong?" I asked concerned. "My grades! They are a prefect...perfect...4.0!!!!!! It cant be. What did I do to deserve such a grade!?" I was shocked to hear that. Her prediction was wrong. That means me grades had to be better than hers. Which is impossible. She stopped sobbing and looked at me, "What are your grades?" Her voice was sharp and edged. I lifted the flapped of the folded paper. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. 4.0. My eyes widened. "What? That's impossible. There's no way I could get that!" I said standing up from my seat. "Mrs. Tumber, please tell me my 4.0 GPA is a mistake. It belongs to someone else like Honor." I said trying to sound calm. "I'm sorry. But that's your grade. Honor I'm sorry." Monotone. Honor screamed as she stood up. "YOU DID THIS! YOU CHANGED THE GRADES IN THE COMPUTER! YOU MONSTER!" Honor said as she pounced on me. I screamed as I dropped to the floor. Honor tried to scratch my eyes out. She thrashed and screamed. I held my hands in front of my face fro protection. "I HATE YOU! YOU STOLE MY GRADES! HOW COULD YOU!" She screamed as two boys pulled her off me. I stood up and straightened out my clothes and made sure there was no damage. I tried to sound calm as I spoke, "Honor. I didnt do anything to our grades. I dont even know how to change grades on the computer..." "YOU SHOULD! YOU HAVE A 4.0 GPA! MY 4.0 GPA!" "Honor. I didnt. I dont deserve these grades. I'm sorr.y Dont blame me. I just did the work. Some of it." I said making sure she wasnt going to attack me again. "HONOR! THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT A CLASSMATE!" Mrs Tumbler said. "Apologize." She said still sitting in her chair behind her desk. Honor said nothing. Mrs Tumbler tried again, "Apologize. Now." Once our delima was over, I waited for Ryan, Chase and Aiden. We had a spot behind the band room where we always met. The trio of boys rushed towards me. Aiden, the first one to speak. "I heard you got into a fight. WITH HONOR! Why?" I sighed and pulled out my report card. "Thats why." I said shoving it in his face. He flinched as the paper was shoved towards him. He took one look and his eyes widened. "No way. We all got 4.0 GPA's? Cool! Why did you and Honor fight anyway? She has the perfect grades, ever." "She got a 3.0 this time. And she got jealous that I got her grade and jumped on me, practically like how a lion jumps on its prey. I didnt know she could be so agressive." I said shuddering at the flashback. I heard a car horn beep three times. We all turned towards the sound and Cathy and Sam were waiting for us. They both leaned up against the car, smiling. We walked quickly towards them. "How was your day?" Cathy asked. I looked at her, "Odd. Very odd." I got in the car. Once we all got home the boys and I showed Cathy and Sam our report cards. They were all astonished by how well we did. I couldnt take it anymore, I had to tell the truth. "Look. Guys. I dont know how I earned all those grades. I turned in homework late. Didnt study for tests. And hardly took any notes." I decided not to tell them why I did so bad in school. Cathy and Sam grinned at their sons. "Must be luck then." They said at the same time. They both winked at their sons. "Donts jynks it." Cathy said. I shrugged the weird winks and awkward sayings off and went to my room to start my homework. As soon as I closed the door a rush of hot air blew on my face. I stumbled back against the door as I breathed in the smell. It smelt like flowers and sweet candy. But why was it hot?

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