I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

I'm The Devil's Daughter-In-Law

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Chapter 14

Flash Forward

Ivvie and Derek have gotten married after baby Demitri was born. It was a very interesting birth:

I was laughing while watching Dane Cook’s Vicious Circle when I felt a sharp pain. I grabbed my round belly as pain struck again. I sat up and walked a round a little bit thinking I needed to walk it off. The sharp pain hit again and I almost fell down the stairs. I walked all the way down to the bottom of the stairs and that’s when my water broke. I was shocked I stood there in a puddle of water looking down with my jaw wide open.
“Derek!” I yelled. Derek appeared all covered in dirt and soot. I looked at him, “What happened to you mister? Ow!” I said grabbing my stomach.
“I was…are you okay?” He asked.
“No! My water broke! Take me to the hospital.” I said grabbing his hand. We materialized at the hospital and I was rushed to the emergency room. After 8 hours of being in labor; baby Demitri was born at 5 pounds and 9 ounces. He was 18 and a half inches long and was born on December 31st, at 5:46PM.

The wedding was held three months after Demitri was born. It was beautiful.

My wedding day was perfect. I did my own hair and make up. And I wore a beautiful white dress; the top half was sequined and the bottom half was ruffled. It was a strapless dress that went all the way down to my toes with a trail and a veil. My hair was down and curled. I wore a diamond necklace with matching earrings and bracelets.
The cake was delicious; it was a 3 tier cake that was white. And each tier had a red ribbon on it with a red flower (since Derek is obsessed with red). The cake was chocolate.
Me and Derek’s wedding song was I’m Going to Love You by Jennifer Love Hewitt. We also hired a DJ to play some current pop songs.
The reception was great. Everyone came; demons, lost souls and all. I finally got to meet Derek’s mother. She’s a sweet woman. A few inches taller than me. Blood red hair and striking blue eyes. Derek has his mother’s eyes. Her name is Jacqueline. She loves Demitri.

Ivvie and Derek went up to visit Ivvie’s side of the family.

Derek and I were getting ready to visit my family (Sam, Cathy, Aiden and the twins). It was 6 months after Derek and I got married. Demitri is nine months old now. And he’s gotten so big. He’s starting to mumble a lot of words. And I’m just waiting for the day that he says “mama”.
I was packing up the baby bag when Derek walked in, “Ready?”
“Just about. If you could get Demitri out of his crib, that’d be great.” I said zipping up the bag. It was filled with diapers and baby bottles with milk and toys and barf rags. Thank goodness the baby shower was such a hit. I didn’t have to buy a single thing for the baby until he was just 2 months old, that’s how much stuff I received from the shower.
Derek came back with Demitri in his arms. They looked so much alike, same eyes, same smile, and same hair color. I was beginning to wonder what traits he might get from me. I grabbed the bag and Derek’s arm and we disappeared.
We materialized in the living of my parents’ house. I set the bag on the couch and smiled, “Knock, knock! Anybody home?”
I saw Cathy first, she gave me a huge hug, then Sam, who smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek with a hug. “Hi mom. Hi dad.”
“Hello sweetheart! Oh – you’ve had the baby already! He’s so big!” They said. I let Cathy hold him and Sam got to hold him too. The guys came home from school and hugged me instantly.
“Hi Aiden! Hi Ryan! Hi Chase! I missed you!” I said giving them a big hug. They hugged me with tears in their eyes.
“Ivvie! You’re back! With the baby!” They said walking towards Demitri.
“Awww, he’s so cute! What’s his name?” Aiden asked.
“Demitri.” Derek said proudly. They looked at Demitri with love and happiness. Demitri was laughing and giggling and mumbling sounds. Everyone got to hold Demitri. He kept pulling Aiden’s hair. But soon he got cranky and I had to feed him and let him take a nap.
While Demitri was sleeping, I went upstairs to look at my old room. It was just the way I left it. The room was tidied up a bit. But everything was still there. Jyncks, she was there. I grabbed her and hugged her tight. There were so many memories in this room.
I heard a knock, “Hey. Everything alright?” It was Cathy.
“Yeah. I’m just reminiscing, that’s all.”
“Mind if I reminisce with you?” She said sitting next to me. I smiled and put my head on her shoulder.
“I missed you.” She said.
“I missed you too, mom. I see you tidied up in here.” I said looking around.
“Well there’s nothing much to do now but clean.”
Our conversation was interrupted, “Ivvie! Your baby!” Sam yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Alarmed, I ran down towards Demitri. He was making a fuss on the couch; apparently he had woken up from his nap. I picked my son and started talking to him, “Hey buddy, what’s going on? What’s the fuss about, little guy?” I said rocking him back and forth. He screamed in my ear and I figured it was time to go home. I said my good bye’s and told everyone I’d see them later.
I grabbed Derek’s hand and we disappeared back to the castle.

Ivvie and Derek’s coronation for king and queen was just a couple months after their visit to Earth. They wanted to do it on Demitri’s birthday.

I woke up to Demitri screaming his butt off. It was 6 in the morning. I dragged myself to the nursery to see what the problem was.
“Good morning, little screamer.” I said picking him up.
He fed him and changed his diaper and gave him a bath. Demitri had finally settled down and was enjoying the warm water being splashed on his belly.
“Today’s your birthday, Demitri. You’re a year old now.” I said smiling.
“Mmm…mama” He mumbled. My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard that.
“You said ‘mama’? You said ‘mama’!” I said jumping for joy!
After my episode of joy I got ready for my coronation. I wore a long red and black velvet dress with my hair straightened and it had red highlights in them. Derek wore a red suit with a black undershirt. We dressed Demitri and all black. Derek was excited to know that Demitri said his first word.
At the coronation everyone came. I thought Demitri would have been scared of all the mutilated creatures and demons. But he laughed and waved to everyone. Even the ones with their eyes pulled out of their eye sockets.
Lucifer and Jacqueline were the ones to make me and Derek king and queen.
“I, hear by, pass on the crown and thrown of this kingdom to my son, Derek.”
Derek was kneeling while Lucifer put a crown on his head.
I smiled. Then I was next. I knelt down as Jacqueline stepped forward, “I, hear by, pass on the crown and thrown of this kingdom to my daughter-in-law, Ivvie.” She placed a smaller crown than Derek’s on my head and I stood up. I took Derek hands and stood before our kingdom. There were roars and cheers and screams. Derek grabbed Demitri and held him as the crowd cheered. Demitri started to clap his hands.
So now: I am officially the queen of hell, officially Derek’s wife, and officially a mother. And I’m not even 18 yet! My life is hectic but I love it. I have never been so happy. I finally found a home and a family that loves me. I know there’s more to come. I can’t wait until they start to surface.

Ivvie, Derek and Demitri live happily ever after in their kingdom of Hell.
The End

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