I love my ex-boyfriends brother

What can I do when he doesn't leave me alone!Where can I hide?I hope my life gets better quick because i can't take this anymore!How do I tell him i'm in love with his brother, though?

Chapter 1

What am i going to do?

I see him all the time. He rides my bus,goes to my school, and comes by my house everyday.He calls,texts, and even sends me emails!How can I enjoy my day with Him watching my every move.What should I do?I hate my ex-boyfriend!But his brother is amazing!
His name is David and he is so sweet! He makes me laugh and smile even when its raining. I can always be myself around him.David brings out the good in me.He actually bothers to listen to how i feel and try to understand me.Thats what i love about him , he never judges me and never lets me down. When David and I have a date he comes to my house early just so he wont keep me waiting on him.
Austin doesn't do that.He's always late for our dates.One time he told me to meet him at the restaurant and he came 4 hours later, saying i was early! That was the last date we ever had.Austin still doesn't know why i broke up with him, maybe because he was a JERK! Austin didn't call me when i was sick, he had his mother call me! He didn't walk me to school,say hi to me in the hallways, he didn't even remember my name until we had been dating for six months! I'm still not over him though.Austin was sweet, in his own way.He wrote poetry for me and sang to me, in front of the entire class.He also named a constellation after me!I guess he wasn't as bad as i make him sound but he just makes me so angry sometimes.
What am I going to do?

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