Blood Message

A horror story about an Ouija board. It took me a couple of weeks to write so I hope you like it. Btw, it was too long to fit into one chapter so the other half of the story is chapter 2.

Chapter 1

The Ouija Board

by: _Ripple_
It was Alice's 14'th birthday, the 3rd of October 2009 at 8:13 pm, when the door bell rang.It was two of her friends, Kate and Claire, they were staying the night for her sleepover-party. She invited them into her house, where they chatted and laughed for a while. Then Alice was given her presents, Claire had gotten her some pointless present that she would probably never look twice at, and lay forgotten on her bedroom floor within five minutes of receiving it. Kate's present was wrapped in lime-green paper. Alice carefully peeled the tape away from the wrapping paper, she liked to open her presents slowly, most of the time the anticipation was much more exciting than the gift. She pulled the rest of the wrapping paper off to reveal the present. When she saw what it was she uttered a small gasp of surprise. On her lap was an Ouija board. She carefully picked it up and turned in over in her hands, it was old but in almost perfect condition. Made of some sort of smooth wood with the numbers, words and letters carved lightly into it and painted over in black pen so that they stood out. The planchette was made of the same smooth wood with a black design carved into it. They set the board up straight away, Kate and Alice sat facing each other with the board resting on their laps. They started moving the planchette in a circle around the board to 'Warm it up', then Alice asked her first question. "How many spirits are in the house?" Then she was silent, waiting for something to happen. Nothing moved, Claire sat at the table grinning, but ready to write anything down. Suddenly the planchette started moving, slowly at first, but getting faster. O-N-E. The counter was still again. Alice looked at Kate, "Was that you?", She asked.
"No!", She replied. Alice tried to work out if she was lying or not, her face seemed sincere. Then she asked another question, "What is your name?" The planchette started moving almost instantly. C-H-R-I, She could hear Clair writing the letters down quickly. S-T-I- Suddenly Kate burst out laughing. "You guys actually believed me!'. Alice looked up at Kate's face and felt a mixture of embarrassment, and anger. But she pushed both of them aside and forced herself to laugh. After that they got no more results from the board. They might have if they had given it a chance, but they just weren't serious enough. They joked around, asking dumb questions and faking even dumber answers, not one of them believing that any of it were real. After half an hour they asked their last few questions. Kate and Claire holding the planchette now, Alice sat at the table where she was supposed to be writing down answers. She watched, trying her best not to laugh as Claire asked "When Will Kate die?" T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W. She had even seen Claire's fingers move that time. "When will Isaac die?" 6-T-H-O-F-O-C-T-O-B-E-R-2-0-0-9. Claire sighed, "If only it were true". Isaac was Claire's brother, he was seventeen years old and he and his sister hated each other. "Will he die in loads of pain?" She joked Y-E-S. It answered. "Will I be there to see it? N- but at that point, Alice, getting bored. Got up from her chair and said, "Lets do something else" They set the Ouija board down on the table and left the room. It was past 2:am when they finally got to sleep that night.
Alice woke early in the morning and knew straight away that something was wrong. She sat up in bed and realised what it was, Claire was gone. She got out of bed and crept out of the room quietly to avoid waking Kate. When she thought she was out of her earshot she began to walk more quickly, she searched the whole house, and then the backyard. But Claire was gone. She was just wondering if she should wake Kate when she heard her mobile ringing from her room, now at least she wouldn't need to bother. She rushed into her room and snatched up the phone.
"Alice? It's Claire"
"Claire! Where are you?"
"Alice, listen. I need you to get out of the house now.
Her voice shook as she spoke, full of what sounded like genuine fear.
"W-What do you mean? Why?"
"Just get out and meet me at my house Okay? I'll explain later". Alice heard her hang up. She put the phone down, her hands where shaking. She turned her head and saw Kate watching at her. "Who was that?" She asked. Alice explained briefly what Claire had said. After twenty minutes they both set out to Claire's house. It was a short way, but it was still early in the morning and they were both tired. It should only have taken them ten minutes to reach the house but it was at least twenty before they were knocking on the front door, which swung open almost straight away, Claire had obviously been waiting for them. The first thing Alice noticed was her face, her skin was pale as death and her eyes were wide. "God, Claire what happened to you?" Kate asked in astonishment. But Claire only shook her head and said in a choked whisper "Not here", She wouldn't say anything after that. She led them into her living room and motioned for them to sit down. Alice sat next to Kate on the sofa, Claire sat facing them. For o moment she looked around the room, as if searching for something, or someone. Then she looked at them both and began to speak. "Last night",She began" I think I. . . You're not going to believe me but. . . I woke up early, it must have been just past five and. . . I looked across the room to see if anyone was awake, and there was-there was" She broke off suddenly with a loud sob. Kate sat next to her and began comforting her "It's okay, just tell us what happened, it's okay. Claire nodded and began speaking again. "There was something standing. . . at the end of your bed, Alice. It was just standing there, watching you. It was like a person but it was . . . all wrong, it's skin was so pale and it's head was like a. . .like a skull. It was horrible. I was too scared to wake you . . . I just pretended I was asleep." She stopped talking and looked away. For a minute there was silence in the room. Then Alice spoke, "Is that it?" Claire looked up in surprise. "What do you mean?" She asked.
"Did you really get us to come here just to tell us some dumb story?" Kate snapped. "I thought you were serious!" Claire just sat there gaping at them. "But I. . . It's true!" Alice got out of her chair.
"This is stupid," She said. And left without another word, Kate followed close behind her. When she arrived home most of her anger had worn off. She even felt bad about being so hard on Claire. After all, she had probably only intended it as a joke. But she could hardly go back now and apologize, it would simply be too embarrassing.
She went to sleep almost instantly that night, she was still tired from yesterday. It was just past midnight when she was awoken. She felt like a noise had woken her, so she kept her eyes closed and listened for any sounds. It took her almost a full minute to register, next to her bed, directly beside her head, something was breathing. Fear gripped her, she felt her breath begin to come in short, quick gasps. She begged herself to calm down so that her breath would not be heard by whatever was beside her bed watching her. She didn't want it to know she was awake. But she couldn't calm down, her head seemed to be spinning, her breathing was getting heavier. She heard herself whimpering quietly, nothing happened. She waited for hours for the breathing to stop, but it never did, it stayed by her bed the whole night, it never moved and it never paused. She didn't open her eyes the whole night.

The next morning she got up and dressed quickly. She half walked-half ran into the hall where she saw her Mother. She must have looked frightened, because she looked worried and said "Are you okay Alice?", Alice looked up at her mothers worried face. "Mum, there was something in my room last night". Her Mother smiled "Rats are your Fathers job, not mine", she reminded her. Alice didn't even try to smile. "No. . I mean, there was something standing beside my bed, watching me".
Her mothers smile faded, "You just had a nightmare Alice, I know they can seem real sometimes but-"
"It wasn't a dream!" Alice cut in, "It was real!" She looked at her mothers face again and knew that she wouldn't believe her. "Come on Alice, you're probably just nervous from using that board game your friend got you." Alice opened her mouth to argue, but instead she laughed. "You're right Mum, it was probably just a dream." She lingered in the hall for a moment longer, then when it was clear neither of them had anything else to say, she left. Later that day she got the Ouija board out again. She turned it over in her hands, making sure nothing about it had changed, then she put it away where it was safe, laughing to herself. She had convinced herself by now that it was just a dream. Time had a way of making memories that were most vivid in your mind once, distort and fade. Especially things experienced in the middle of the night, when all things were only half real-half dream. But still she locked and bolted her bedroom door before she went to bed. That night she stayed up for a while, reading. She didn't turn the light out until around 10:30, and it being a hot summer night she was still awake at midnight. She lay in bed, trying to get to sleep when suddenly she heard it. Footsteps, running faster than she thought possible, coming up the hall. She heard them reach her bedroom door and remembered that she had it locked, hoping . . . The door started shaking, as if it was under a lot of pressure. Suddenly it burst open, she snapped her eyes shut. Somehow. . . she felt that if she couldn't see what it was, it would be less real, less dangerous, but soon she could hear it's breathing, even feel it, right on her neck. She tried to tell herself it was not real, it was her own breathing, it was not real, but she could hear its breathing louder now, and another noise. From somewhere in the room she could hear noises of scrabbling feet, things thumping on walls, the floor, even the ceiling. From a corner of her room she heard some sort of animal moaning quietly. Suddenly she felt something touch her shoulder lightly, she heard herself whimper once, and then it was gone. Everything stopped, the night was calm once more. She slowly opened one eye and gasped, the walls were covered in blood, all over the walls and ceiling were what looked like hand prints, and the floor was covered in footprints, of both humans and animals. In one corner there was a small puddle of water. She reached a hand and flicked on the light. The room was flooded with yellow light, somehow making everything seem even more real. Her heart pounding, she got out of bed slowly, wondering how this could have happened. Trying to make her believe none of it was real and at the same time seeing it clearly before her eyes. She crept over to the puddle on the floor and drew back in disgust as the smell of urine overwhelmed her. She began to feel dizzy, so she made her way to the wall and used it to support her. Suddenly the noises started again, the moaning, the thumping, the breathing. She saw blood appear and trickle down her bedroom wall, and she did exactly what a small child would have done, she squealed in fright, sprinted to her bed and hid under the blankets.

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