A Destiny of Horror and Love

This story is nothing special but I hope you like it. Please enjoy.Oh and yes this is a vampire story but now worries they do not sparkle :D and yes i used my user name since well it's not my real name

Chapter 1

A New Beginning Brings A New Life

My Life was falling apart. My mother had passed away and now I was wondering the streets of New York. Suddenly I heard a voice singing a song that I knew. I listened until I could hear the drums and realized it was waking the demon by Bullet For My Valentine. Considering the fact that I didn't care if someone was singing a cover i kept walking. After awhile another song started and the singer sounded like a drowning cow. So I went to go figure out what was going on. After walking around the block I found a garage surrounded by a line of guys. They were all punk/emo looking, which didn't shock me considering the music. Finally I pushed past all of the guys into the garage. Someone was singing Kick In the Teeth by Papa Roach. Their voice was awful so I... helped them out. Once I was past the first verse the original singer stopped and let me continue. Once the song was over I turned around and headed for the door with out another word. With out warning a hand wrapped around my arm. I spun around and glared at the guy holding my arm. I was a tad shocked by what I saw. He was the guy version of me. Same black hair, blue eyes, facial structure, and he even had snakebites like me. The second we made eye contact he released my arm. "Join the band you've got a good voice." I was a bit taken back by how strait forward he was. "What do you guys say." I turned to look at the other guys the one was tall, he had a green and black mohawk and a nose ring, he was a bit intimidating, He also held a bass in his hand. The guy behind the computer had curly brown hair and deep brown eyes that seemed to be constantly analyzing the room. The third caught my attention the most. He had shaggy black hair, seemingly black eyes, pale white skin, he held a guitar in his hands. The second he looked at me my skin crawled. Something about him was wild and it scared me. He was what I imagined evil to be. The Guy with the mohawk and the guy behind the computer both shook their heads yes, but the third didn't he continued to stare at me as if he wanted to kill me. "Jake what do you say?" The boy who looked like me took Jake's attention off of me. "No." His words were cold and emotionless. He put his guitar down and walked out of the room with out even th slightest bit of remorse. "Don't worry about him. My Name is Alex by the way and this is Jason he plays bass and that is Dave he's our sound guy. Whats your name?" I was still staring at the door Jake had left through. "Oh it's Sam." He just nodded. Then handed me a mic. Once Jake came back we stared practice they were just a cover band so we didn't really practice anything original. Which I was slightly thankful for since I knew exactly what to sing. Things were starting to look up for me except...Jake. There was something strange about him. It wasn't the fact that he had a tattoo on his neck or that he had snakebites it was just something that told me he was trouble.

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