One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

One cut. One mind. One broken heart. Our living hell.

So this is a story about emo's kids and their lives. plz comment for next chapter. It's kinda like one of my friends story I read. I give her the credit if it sounds like hers. THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY!!!!

Chapter 4


I changed into my mini shorts and tank top then went out to the gym. I may be not the most likable person because of who I am but every guy stares at me like I'm gold when I dress up like ''normal'' girl. I sat on the bleachers and finished tying my shoes on still listening to my ipod.
I saw Mr. Josh walk out and I put it away. He wears this ugly red baseball hat all the time. Today he was wearing gray shorts and a white T-shirt. Sadly I wished he wore something to cover his hairy body. He blew his whistle, "All righty ladies, now for a warm up run around the gym for fifteen minuets." I heard the guys groan and he he grinned. "On second thought, run for twenty-five minuets. Keep complaining and I'll keep adding another ten minuets."
We all shrugged and shot a few dirty looks at Mr. Josh then started running. I put my headphones in after the second lap around the gym. I know Mr. Josh was looking approvingly at me once the five minuet mark was up. I didn't know why until I passed Shadow the third time. I was the only one still running after ten minuets. After the twenty-five minuets where up, we circled up and I put my headphones in my pocket.
My friends and family were looking at me smiling and giving me the thumbs up. They know I can run for a good long while with out getting winded. Mr. Josh was walking around the circle while we were stretching. "Now, if you all actually tried hard enough maybe you would have gotten a better grade." Everyone stopped and stared at him and he was just grinning like a fool. "That was worth fifty points of extra credit for you slackers." I heard a few groans and then I shrugged. "Now who's ready for a game of dodge ball?" He held up a sack of balls. A grin spread across everyone's faces. "Now the team captains are the two top runners of today that actually TRIED."
A few people stared at me. "What?" I asked.
He looked at his clip board then at us. "You guys have some good captains today. Aston Robinson and James Cook." Everyone grinned and gave a few ooo's
The two of us walked in the middle of the circled and shook hands. He had green eyes, brown hair and a really gorgeous smile. "Good luck Ash, cause you're going to need it." He grinned at me.
I squeezed his hand and pulled him down till his ear was by my lips. "I hope you know that I'm not going down so easy." I let him go and he stared at me with confidence. I probably should mention that he is the strongest guy in our grade and is running for football captain for Senior year.
"Okay you two, enough. Ashton since you ran the whole time you get first pick. Everyone get in a line!" He shouted.
I stared up and down the line of my class. I'm not going to let James get all the good players. "Tony." A tall guy about 5''8' walked to my side. He had blue eyes, black hair, and freckles on his nose. He has the most strongest pitching arm in the class.
James chuckled and pointed to Tess. She smiled and strutted to his side. Tess is like me, but when it comes to dodge ball, stay clear out of her path. "These are your co-captains." Mr. Josh exclaimed. "Co-captains, pick the next ones." Tony picked Tuffy and Tess picked Shadow.
The picking went on like that and then the teams were formed. "Now I want a nice clean game, half court is the boundary. The winning team gets and extra fifty points of credit." There was a lot of whispering going on. "And each player gets fifty bucks out of my pocket." Everyone had a grin across their face. He threw the balls out. "Don't kill each other." He blew the whistle and all the fast people of each team grabbed the balls.
Right away all the non athletic, obese kids were out and it left about ten of us left. Five on each side, ten deadly teens. Few minuets later Tony threw a ball at Skinner right in the nuts. He fell to the ground groaning in pain. "Oh you d!ck!" He crawled to the others that were out.
I had to hide a laugh and then was pelted in the face by a ball. "Yes! Got her!" Tess exclaimed. I looked down and saw my ipod, broken. A few people gasp.
"Head shots don't count, you know that!" Josh shouted.
Anger started flooding in. A few people started talking. "Tess you're in for it now!" Skinner shouted.
"Why? Because I pelted her in the face?" She laughed.
"No, because you broke her ipod." Everyone gasped and she went pale. Call me a hot head but everyone knows when my music gets broken by someone, they've just dug their own grave. Mr. Josh had a sick grin across his face.
I picked up a ball and walked slowly towards the boundary line. I looked up off the ground and stared at Tess. "I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!" Her hazel eyes where filled with fear when she backed up.
I chuckled. "I'm not going to kill you, don't worry. You're not the first one who broke it." I tossed the ball hard into her gut. This left only James, Tony, and I left on the court. I gave a mad grin at Tony. "Ready." James started backing up.
"Aim." He chuckled.
"FIRE!!!!" Everyone shouted and the both of us hit James and he to the ground hard.
My team cheered and Mr. Josh started writing on his clip board. "Good job everyone, I'm giving all of you fifty points of extra credit. But only the winning team gets fifty bucks from my pocket." There were a few sighs of disappointment, but hey extra credit in gym sounds nice to everyone. He gave my team the money he promised and we all headed into the locker rooms to change.
Tess came in last with tears filled in her eyes. She gave me my ipod and started bawling. "I-I'm s-s-sorry Ash!"
I sighed and then hugged her. "Hey, its ok. It was an accident right?" She nodded. "And you know that I over react right." She nodded and smiled a little. "We both were being competitive right?" She nodded. "Then there was no real harm done, unless if your gut hurts."
She let out a laugh. "N-no. It doesn't" She smiled.
I held up fifty bucks and whispered. "Don't tell anyone but I stole an extra fifty from Josh." I gave it to her and she mouthed Thanks! The both of us walked out of the locker rooms and walked to our next classes smiling. TBC

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