Twins Fall For BestFriends

Twins Fall For BestFriends

This story is between me (BunnyBoo21) and Mirsa (luvtwilight4eve) Sooo yea Read and Comment if ya want more(: and and and!!! DONT FORGET!!!! YOUR AMAZING AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!(:

Chapter 1

Introducing Vanelsie

Hello, My names Vaneslie Issabelle Peterson. I'm 15 My Nickname is Van, Lie, Elie, Nessa, or Eslie. I have a twin sister Isabella Marie Peterson, Bella for short. My best friend is Justin Bieber. Yup thats right the one and only famous Justin Bieber. We have been best friends since 1st grade. My birthday is Febuary 14th. I secretly have a crush on Bella's best friend, Chaz Somers. But no one knows and hopefully never will. It was a normal saturday chillen in Justins room with him. "Justin?" I asked turning over. I slept ova. We were close enough it was like we were brother and sister so it didnt matter if we shared a bed. "Yes Ellie?" He asked. "What are we gonna to today?" I said and pushed him off the bed since he was taking up more then half of it. "Well Chaz and Bella are comin ova" He said. He liked Bella alot. But he wont tell her. Idk is she does tho. but they would make an adorable couple! Just then the doorbell rang. "Got it!!" I yelled jumping outta the bed and racing Justin to the door. we were pushing eachother going down the stairs. I got to the door first. "HAHA!!" I yelled and shook my butt at him and opened the door. There stood Chaz and Bella. Chaz was laughing and Bella was covering her mouth. "Yea yea i know bed head" I said and walked to the bathroom and brushed my hair. I walked out and started brushing Justins hair. "Jeez your worse then Mom" He said as i finished and put the brush on the counter. "Nuh-uh!!!" I said and sat on the counter. I was in my booty shorts and Neon Purple Cami. "Get some clothes on!" Bella complained. I shook my butt at her. "Nope" I said. "Put this on" Chaz said handing me his coat. He was really nice to me. I put it on it was super baggy on me. "tanks" I said. "WEEEEE!!" I said and started dancing as I Like It came on. All four of us danced to it. I wondered it Chaz liked me. Maybe i'll ask Bella tonight.

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