Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Cold As You ( A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

A series for all of the Vampire Diaries fans!
I Have become SO obsessed with Vampires Diaries and just love Ian Somerhalder
and Damon Salvatore as well.
So I felt I should start a new story and continue through with it if people like it...
Well, hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Moving to Mystic Falls

Dear Diary, today has been awful. I'm pulling up to my new home in Mystic Falls, VA. I don't get why Alice and my Father are doing this to me, Alice isn't even my real Mother. They're moving me from a wonderful city to this place.. I hope I can meet at least one person here I can talk to!
Love, Gabriela.

I Put my pen and diary in my bag and looked to the home I would be staying in.. It was nice from the outside and a lot bigger then the apartment I was at in New York. But this wasn't going to be the same as the wide city. I got out of the car and looked around, there was really nothing here in Mystic Falls. My Father stepped out of the car and came over to me to grab my bags. He looked at my and noticed I had a disgusted look on my face. "What's wrong Gabby?" he asked. "Nothing Dad... Just not used to this." I grabbed my bags from him and walked into the house. I walked in to see Alice, my Dad's fiancée who is young enough to be my sister. She smiled at me and I just rolled my eyes and walked upstairs to my new room. I lied down onto my new bed and thought about all the good times I had in New York with my friends at school, I realized I'd be going to a complete different school, just tomorrow. I then thought about my Mother; how she used to take me shopping and out to eat, and we'd talk about my problems.. And I realized I wouldn't have her here to talk about my first day at a new school. I started to cry, no one knew how much I loved my Mother and no one could ever possibly ever understand that. I got a knock on my door and it was Alice.. " Um, Gabriela. Dinner is ready." I looked blankly at her. "I'm not hungry.. I'm going to bed." She frowned. "Oh... Alright, I guess. Goodnight." She turned around and faintly sighed, and shut the door. Alice tried so hard to become friends with me, but I didn't want it to happen. She tried acting like my Mother, when she is only a few years older than me. And even if she were older, she'd never be my Mom.. I got up and decided to take a shower, and to do my hair so I'd be ready for school in the morning. I did that, set my alarm got my iPod put it on shuffle laid down and went to sleep...

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