Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 8

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 8

heres part 8 , next chapter is called first kiss ;)

comments are much appreciated

Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

by: kinewnew
I immediately went to get myself ready for Diagon Alley when I woke up. Today I will be seeing my friends, but that would be interrupting my time with Draco. I walked downstairs and saw Draco, I smiled but he turned his head the other direction. It was a little weird but I brushed it off. “So are you ready for the trip to Diagon Alley today?” I asked him. “Huh, what? Oh that, yeah. But Adriana you must know we can absolutely not be seen with each other today. No questions asked.” He told me in a stern voice. I was a little furious but I told him in a calm voice. “Okay, no questions asked.” Narcissa was accompanying us there. As we arrived I turned around to Draco, only to see that he was already gone with his mom. I wandered helplessly for awhile looking for Hermione. I finally found them getting ready to enter Fred and George’s new shop. “Hermione, Harry, Ron.” I called. They turned around and ran up to greet me. “Adriana it’s so good to see you again,” Hermione said while pulling me into a choking hug. She must have put what happened 2 days ago behind her. “Hermione told us what happened that day she went to the Malfoys.” Harry said hugging me next then Ron. “So where is Malfoy anyways?” Ron asked. “He went off with his mother somewhere,” I told them walking into the store, but stopping dead in my tracks. The joke shop was amazing. “Oi, there goes our favorite prankster” Fred said walking up to me. “Yea, heard you been staying with Malfoy,” George said. “Have you been causing him hell?” Fred asked. “Hi to you also and yes I am and no I haven’t, promised father,” I told them. “Well since you are one of the best jokesters besides us, you can help yourselves to whatever you want.” George said then they both went to talk to harry. I saw Ginny looking at the love potions. “Ginny, I don’t really think those potions would be much help to you, aren’t you dating Dean?” I asked her. “Well I don’t think they would be much help you either, aren’t you spending vacation with Malfoy?” she asked. She had a point there. I went to Hermione to go tell her what had happened over the last day since she was there.”Hermione I really have to tell you something it’s about what Draco told me yesterday while I was sick.” I told her. “You were sick, wait did you just call him Draco?” she asked. “Ugh, never mind that.” I started from the beginning. “He said he loved you and you said I love you too?” she asked. “yes he did, but he thought I was asleep, and when he walked out that’s when I said I love you to, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear me.” I told her. “so you are in love with Malfoy the one who gave you hell since you were two, the one who makes fun of you at school, the one whose father is a death eater.” She said. “I know Hermione, and I know what his father is. But besides what he did to his son Mr. Malfoy really isn’t that bad. Though I only saw him a couple of times. “I said defensively. She just gave me a confused look. Lucky Ron and Harry came up to us. “I just saw Malfoy and his mom walking suspiciously towards Borgin and Burkes. C’mon let’s see what they are up to,” Harry said. “Um, you guys go, I really have to finish getting stuff off of my list.” I said nervously, it didn’t feel right spying on them. Harry just shrugged and the three of them left. I had half my list done when Harry ran up to me frantically. “Adriana you are never going to believe what we just saw” he said. “what?” I asked. “Malfoy went into Borgin and Burkes with Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf, and they were looking at some cabinet but I don’t know why.” He said. “He was with Fenrir Greyback?” I asked. “Yea, he didn’t mention anything about this today did he?” harry asked. “No he only we couldn’t be seen together today under no circumstances.” I told him. “that’s weird, okay I know this might be a little forward but I think he is a Death Eater, why else would he be with Fenrir Greyback. I mean come on his dad is one and his aunt killed serious. They are in Voldemort’s inner circle. It’s so obvious.” Harry said. “Harry that is a bit forward mate, I don’t think he is a Death Eater he’s too young. But it is suspicious that he’d be with Greyback.” Ron said. “Yea and I haven’t seen any sign of a Dark mark anywhere on his arm.” I told harry. “I still say someone should be keeping a close eye on him, and since you are the one who is staying in a room right next to his it should be you Adriana.” He told me. “I don’t know if I feel comfortable with this but if you want me to then I will,” I said. “Thanks Adriana,” he said but started walking away. I turned around and saw Narcissa and Draco walking up towards me. “Bye Adriana will see you on the Hogwarts express. Well Rom and I won’t but we will see you later bye.”Hermione said quickly walking away. “Come on Adriana dear we are leaving.” Narcissa said. I walked with them; Draco looked nervous and wouldn’t look my way the whole trip back to his house. I didn’t want to believe Harry but there was something fishy about what happened today. I walked to my room and seconds later I heard a knock on the door. “Oh hi, Draco.” I said lifelessly as he walked in. “what’s wrong with you?” he asked. “Nothing I just don’t want to be bothered right now,” I told him. “Come one Adriana tell me what’s up.” he said. “Fine, but answer this one question for me Draco. What were you doing in Borgin and Burkes with Greyback?” I asked. His smirk was quickly replaced by a look of pure anger. “You sent Potter, that blood traitor Weasley, and that Filthy Mudblood Granger to spy on me?” he asked anger spewing. “You didn’t answer my question,” I told him. “I don’t need to answer your damn question why the hell where you spying on me, huh?” he bellowed and raised his arm. He quickly lowered it when he realized what he was about to do. I looked at him mortified, “you were about to slap me again?” I asked. “I have to go,” he said walking out. I locked the door not wanting be bothered by anyone else. I couldn’t believe he was going to hit me again after all the crap he said about me yesterday.


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