Jasper + You = Drama!

This is just a remake. :)

Chapter 1

The Cullen Family.

I was running, running and screaming. Something was chasing me. I was in a forest like thing. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I slowed down a little and came to a full stop. I heard something growl and turned around. I saw about 4 guys crowding around someone. They were hissing and growling and crouching low. One was big and tall, another had wacked out hair, one had nice blond hair that looked like it was gelled and the last one had a very square face. They all jumped on the dude and start to attack. I fell back and hit my head on a rock and passed out. The last thing I heard was someone saying "guys shes out!" Then blank... I woke up in a strange house. "mmmmmmmm." I said holding my head."Guys! Guys! Come here. She's up." A girl with rocker hair that looked like a pixie said looking at me. "Where am I?" I asked sitting up."I think you should lay down. I'm Alice." She said pushing me down lightly."Reece" I said letting her push me down."What were you doing while you were in the forest?" she asked."I was just taking a stroll then I started to run because someone was chasing me." I said remembering. "Oh. I see. this is Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Rose, Emmett, and Bella" Alice said cheerfully. I smiled. I was attracted to Jasper. He smiled at me. He looked cute. Carlilse pulled me up and explained what happened. Alice tried to lighten to mood by asking me if I wanted a makeover from her. I said sure and she grabbed her huge make up set. When she was finished I looked beautiful! I thanked her and did her makeup. I screwed up and she looked aweful. She laughed and had kept it on anyway. I walked over to the couch and I tripped and fell straight on my face. Jasper help me up and I said thanks as I looked in his eyes. "You're just as clumsy as me!" Bella pointed out."I was born that way. Sometimes i have my dumb moments and stuff. Not really a big deal." I said sitting on the couch. Jasper sat next to me. I felt all excited and h_rny. But I was suddenly calm and cool. Odd. But I shook it off and played sharades with the people that saved my butt.

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