What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

I was bored, and was thinking about my favorite actor! Also I just finished watching the movie What Happens In Vegas.

Alyssa wasn't a big fan of Taylor Lautner. But unfortunately for her, her mother was best friends with Deborah Lautner. And to there luck, they always tried to set up Aly and Taylor. So what happens when they accidently get together?

Chapter 4


by: Today_
"How...?What...?When...?Where...?" Taylor didn't even know what to ask.

"The lady told me to go pick up our Marriage certificate and our photos/videos at the Wedding Chapel downtown."

I decided to take a shower to calm myself down, and to ignore Taylor. The warm water soothed my sore muscles, and I winced in disgust of what I had done last night. I never thought of myself doing that with him.

I tried to remember what happened last night. I remember arriving, and seeing the beautiful set up. Shades of purple and blue were everywhere the dance floor glowed a white color that made my eyes squint. I also remember meeting this hot guy that I danced with. I told him I was thirsty, so he offered me a drink.


"I'm thirsty...I'm going to get something!" I shouted over the loud music at the guy I just danced with. I started making my way towards the bar to go get a Dr.Pepper or water, but my 'buddy' grabbed my arm pulling me back towards him.

"My treat. I'll buy you something."

"You don't have to..." I objected.

"Come on, I want to."

I didn't want to keep arguing, so I lost and he won. We both walked to the bar hand in hand and he whispered something to the bartender, but I was too busy looking for Taylor to pay attention.

The bartender handed me a drink that was purple. My eyebrows furrowed staring at the drink. Buddy noticed, and smiled at me.

"It's the Club's signature drink. 3 % alcohol. Come on, you at least have to try it."

I took a sip, and this had way more than 3 % alcohol...but it was good. Me being the stupid girl, drank it all. I even asked for another one. I can't even remember how much I had drunk.

"Woah. I think you need to take it slow. No more for you, cutie." 'Buddy' said as he took my drink away.

"Ooh. I'll take that!" Taylor said finally showing up.

End of flashback

That explains how we got drunk.I got out of the shower, and walked towards the mirror. In red lipstick on the mirror, I had written:

I love you TayTay! :p

I quickly tried to erase it making it worse by smearing it! I made myself a little mental note to clean it soon. Once I came out, Taylor took the restroom.
Once we were both ready to leave, I realized something.
I grabbed Taylor's arm feeling his muscles for the first time. Wow! He sure does work out! Stop it Aly!

"Uhh…Makena? Where is she?!"

Our eyes widened. She wasn't in our room. We went to meet up with them at breakfast, and Makena was there. We told our parents we were going to go downtown and explore. They were happy that we were actually getting along, but it was all a show for them. As they walked back to their rooms, Taylor grabbed Makena by her shoulders making her face us.

"Why weren’t you in your room last night?!" Taylor questioned being a 'protective' brother.

"You told me that if I slept with Mom and Dad for the rest of the vacation I'd get to keep Roxy."

"No! You are not keeping her! She is my dog!"

"Okay, then. I'll just go tell Mom and Dad and Claire what you guys did last night."

"What did we do last night?" I questioned raising my eyebrow.

"I'm not going to tell you, because then you'd be able to make an excuse."

"But we already know. So I already would have an excuse for it. Are you saying that you don't know, but are pretending that you know so we can think that you know when you really don'?" I asked with a smirk.

This is how I got people to crack.

" do know! You guys came back drunk and all lovey dovey! Then Taylor kicked me out, and locked me out to make sure I didn' go back, so I slept with my parents in an extra bed!"

I told you I can get people to crack! Taylor stared at me shocked, but pleased that I got the truth out of his sister. Taylor promised to let Makena keep Roxy for 2 months and then he' take her back and maybe even buy Makena her own dog.
Taylor had to be disguised which consisted of hoodies, sunglasses, and a mole? I think the fake mole was for fun, but I' not sure. He also made me wear sunglasses! As if people would recognize me! I' just a normal person, not a celebrity.

"his is it."I told Taylor as I opened the door to the chapel.

There was an old lady there probably in her mid 70s, and another one that was younger in her 50s. They smiled at us.

"Wat may we help you with?"

"I'mherefor paperwork?” I answered unsure.

“Sure. Are you the Lautners?”

Taylor nodded, waiting for the ‘squealing’ to come.

“Aww. You guys were so cute last night!You love birds! I wish I had a husband like yours. I’m jealous!” The 70 year old one said as the younger one looked for our papers.

“Do you by any chance know who Taylor Lautner is?”

“You?” The lady said as she read our certificate.

She clearly had no clue that he was a celebrity. Well that’s good!

“Well thanks! Bye!” I told them as we rushed out of the place.

They had given me a package that consisted of pictures,video, and the certificate. Once we got to our rooms, we were quiet.

“Should we play the video?” Taylor asked unsure.

“I don’t want to. You go ahead.”

He didn’t do anything. Instead he took the package and hid it in his belongings. I sat in my bed quiet. I’m married to Taylor Lautner. I have a video, pictures, and certificate to prove it! Lots of girls would die to be in my place, and I would die to be in their place.

I didn't want to be married. I wasn't ready to be married. Heck! I wasn't even over my ex yet!

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