What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

I was bored, and was thinking about my favorite actor! Also I just finished watching the movie What Happens In Vegas.

Alyssa wasn't a big fan of Taylor Lautner. But unfortunately for her, her mother was best friends with Deborah Lautner. And to there luck, they always tried to set up Aly and Taylor. So what happens when they accidently get together?

Chapter 3

What happened?

by: Today_
When I woke up, I felt like crap. I was sore and my head was pounding! I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes. I took the covers off of me, and managed to get up. I quickly noticed I wasn't even dressed, and grabbed a robe from the restroom, and stopped.

Why did I feel so sore?

My eyes widened this wasn't my bed. Oh no...I've seen this in a movie once. I didn't even have to look at the guy laying on the other side of the bed. It was Taylor Freaking Lautner!

"Taylor wake up." I told him roughly shaking him.

"5 more minutes..." He groaned as he put a pillow over his head.

"TAYLOR! YOU BETTER GET YOUR BUTT UP THIS INSTANT!" I yelled as I took his pillow away and smacked him as hard as I can with it.

"I'm up! Geez...was that really necessary? Couldn't you have just waited like a normal person-"

I cut him off, "What the hell happened last night?"

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"Are you fully clothed?"


I cut him off again, "Answer the freaking question!"


"I take that as a no. Explain to me what the hell happened last night?!" I demanded angry.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," He told me.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I mimicked him, "Don't play innocent with me. I woke up in your bed...I don't know what happened. I have this stupid hangover...I-"


"You...set this up. You drugged me just to... You little..."

"If what you were saying were true, wouldn't I remember it? I mean come on, who doesn't remember having sex?"

"Oh my...oh no. My mom's going to be pissed! I broke my promise! Where the hell is my ring?"

Taylor chuckled and I glared at him making him stop, "I didn't know you wore a purity ring."

"This isn't funny! Besides, that's old news..." I didn't get to finish, because my phone rang.

It was an unknown number, and I picked it up confused turning my back to Taylor.



After I hung up,I still couldn't believe it not even when she confirmed it. I turned back to Taylor.

"Well...I found out what we did last night other than each other." I stated.

"What happened?"

"Well I didn't break my promise. I don't know whether to be happy about that."

"Are you trying to say..."

I nodded, "We're married.


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