What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

I was bored, and was thinking about my favorite actor! Also I just finished watching the movie What Happens In Vegas.

Alyssa wasn't a big fan of Taylor Lautner. But unfortunately for her, her mother was best friends with Deborah Lautner. And to there luck, they always tried to set up Aly and Taylor. So what happens when they accidently get together?

Chapter 2

Las Vegas!

by: Today_
"I can't believe this! Mom, you knew I had my interview! This could have been my only chance to go to a good college!"

I couldn't hold in my anger at this point. I didn't care if the Lautners were here.

"And you don't think Taylor has to cancel important things too?!"

I seriously hated technology right now. They bought the tickets while they had a talk. Now we have a few days to pack, because we're spending christmas their! Yay!

I had to cancel my interview with my dream college!

"I agree with Alyssa. We can't just cancel the plans we already made."Taylor said.

"We'll be back before the second semester begins since Makena has school."

I sighed.


It was the first of December and I was packing my clothes to go to Las Vegas.

"Ooh! You're soo lucky. You're going on a vacation with a hot guy and you're going to meet even more hot guys!" My friend, Jordan, exclaimed.

"I guess. Don't expect me to give you any details though, because you know what they say, 'What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas' "

"Don't worry, I'll force it out of you when you come back."

"You sure you don't fit in my suitcase? I can put fragile on it and..."

She laughed," I wish, but my mom likes it when the family is together."

"I'm sure going to miss you," I told her.

"Aww, me too. Hug!"

We both hugged and she left. I checked the clock and it read:


Shoot! Our flight is at 12! I quickly took a shower and got ready. I put my ipod in my purse, and my phone too! Can't go anywhere without those.

I took a deep breath. I'm going to try to enjoy this as much as I can.

Taylor's P.O.V

I was at the set of Breaking Dawn part 1 finishing my last scene, so I can get the next month off.

After I finished, the cast and I went out for breakfast.

"So, anywhere you're going to go as soon as you get there?" Kellan asked.

"I don't know. I mean Aly is going, and I'm going to have to take her where I go."

"Aly?" Alex asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Right, I hadn't told them about her.

"Yeah, she's my mom's bestfriend's daughter. She's around my age. Trust me, she's a pain in the butt."

"Is she hot?" Kiowa asked.

"Well, she is now. Anyways, I probably won't go out, because they're going to think I'm dating her."

"So? It'd be a rumor that you can stop?" Ashley said.

The problem is... I had a small crush on her for a short period of time when we were little. I don't want to have those feelings for her. She's out of my league. I mean, I just can't see myself dating her...yuck.

I checked my watch and it read:


Shoot! My flight as at 12!

"Okay! Guys I have to go."

"Don't get married!"

"Use a condom!"

I turned back to look at them to make them stop, "What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas. Who doesn't know that?"

Aly's P.O.V

The flight was boring! At least I sat by my mom. As we reached the lobby, my mom stopped us.

"Okay, so the rooms are settled. Deborah and Daniel here's your key. This one is for me and your father. Last but not least this one is for you three."

"I'm sharing a room with him?!" I questioned, surprised.

"What you got a problem with me?"

"I have to share a room with them? They're always fighting! I'm going to your room if I can't handle it." Makena told Deb as we all walked off.

At least I had Makena.

We went to dinner after unpacking, and it was good. I saw an advertisement for this club.

Are you over 18 and want to have some fun?

Well come down to Club !8!

I need to go! The picture was amazing. They had a lot of colored lights, and it was just beautiful.

"Mom, can I please go to a club?!" I begged as we walked to our rooms.


"Dad's coming on this trip and you didn't tell me. This can be your apology."

She sighed," You can go, if Taylor goes."


I knew where this was going anyways. If I wanted to go out, Taylor had to come with me. I walked into the room where Makena was removing her nail polish and about to paint them purple.

Taylor was on his bed watching TV. I walked up to his bed.


He ignored me.



"Taylor!" I said getting annoyed as I slapped his arm.

"Ow! What do you want?"

"Sorry, but that was the only way I can get your attention."

"Is the world ending?" He asked shocked.


"You apologized to me. You must want me to do a favor...no."

"Please!I want to go to this club real bad. It's the only one I can go to til I'm 21!"

"Get on your knees and beg."


"Oh, I'm sorry did I stutter?"

I took a deep breath, and got on my knees. This is how bad I wanted it.

"Please! There will be a lot of hot girls there! I'll be nice to you!"

"Hmm," He teased as he stroked his chin like they do in those movies.

"Sure. What harm can it do?" He said.

I sighed in relief, and smiled. This night was going to be fun.

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