What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

What Happens in Vegas.....(Taylor Lautner)

I was bored, and was thinking about my favorite actor! Also I just finished watching the movie What Happens In Vegas.

Alyssa wasn't a big fan of Taylor Lautner. But unfortunately for her, her mother was best friends with Deborah Lautner. And to there luck, they always tried to set up Aly and Taylor. So what happens when they accidently get together?

Chapter 1

We're going to Vegas!!

by: Today_
I sighed as I walked up the familiar porch steps. Why did I have to go again? I mean we haven't been here in a little more than a year due to family issues.

"Smile," My mother told me as she smiled herself. I could tell she was excited. I mean she hasn't seen her best friend in a loooonnng time! I haven't seen him and to be honest I had a better time without him.

Why do I hate my mom's bestfriend's son again? Oh right because, he's obnoxious, annoying, and ugh!

"CLAIRE!" Deborah shouted.

"DEBORAH!" My mother responded as they hugged each other.

"Hi!" I greeted as I gave her a quick hug.

I kind of grew up with her, so she's like my aunt, and I loved her very much. We all sat down on the couch.

"Oh, Aly sweetie, Taylor's upstairs if you want to see him." Deb told me.

"No...I'm...okay!" I finished quickly as I saw my mom's warning glare.

They obviously wanted alone time. I went up the stairs, and towards his room. His door wasn't even closed, and I spotted him coming out from his restroom in only his boxers.

Our eyes met for a second and I immediately shut his door closed. If you're going to be half-naked at least close your door! I mean he has a younger sister!

Where is she by the way? Before I could go look for her Taylor's door opened to reveal him in only jeans.

I glared at him, "Go put a shirt on."

"Why does it bother you?" He asked.

"Nah, I'm just saying that for no reason. "I replied sarcastically.

"Then I'm walking around shirtless today." He grinned.

It's been 5 minutes and he's already annoying me!

"You're such a..." I muttered, but couldn't finish.

"Tease? Oh thank you! No one's ever told me that!"

"Yeah and no one ever did or ever will."

"Can you guys just kiss already?!" Makena asked annoyed.

We stopped glaring at each other and I turned towards her with a smile on my face.

"Makena! Oh wow, how you've grown so much in a year!" I told her as we greeted each other.

"You did too! You look... whispers in ear: hotter than ever! Gurrl what did you do?"

Taylor rolled his eyes when she said, "Gurrl."

I just laughed.

"Kids! Get your butts down here!" My mom yelled.

We all went down the stairs, and I went real slow to get on Taylor's nerves. Once we were downstairs, Deb and my mom glanced at each other, their smiles getting bigger.

"We have some news for you!" My mom exclaimed.

"Obviously," I stated.

"We decided that...." Deb began and looked at my mom again.


"What?!" Taylor and I both shouted, shocked, in unison.


Yes, I edited this. Hope you like this version better!

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