Love the way you Lie ( a Jacob Black love story)

Hey! I hope that you enjoy this story. Please read and enjoy this story and tell everyone else about it. thanks =D

Chapter 1

La Push

I wonder these woods for many days. I had fallen from heaven, my wings ripped off of me. It was raining, I could feel the cold rain drops coming down on me. I had scars from them taking my wings away, and I could still feel the pain. Even though I got them taken away years ago. "You know you can't be wondering around here forever." I turned around to see Jared, my friend who is a guardian angel. "I know but I have no where to go Jared." I said. We walked along the road to some town, I didn't know where I was or where I was going. A car sped by me and went through a huge puddle, whiched made me soaking wet. The car pulled over and a girl with pink streaks came out. "Ohmigod I am so sorry!" she said. Jared smiled. "That's Emma, my younger sister and the girl that I'm protecting." he said. I was silent. "Um its ok, I'm pretty much soaking wet." I pointed out my wet hair and clothes. She stared at Jared. "Take her back to the house, she has no place to go Emma." Jared said. She looked back at me, "Do you have a place to stay?" she asked. I shook my head. "C'mon, I have dry clothes and a extra room. You can stay with me and my cousin in La Push." she smiled. The name of the town sounded very familiar. "Thank you." I said. "I'm Emma by the way." "Angelina." She took her jacket and gave it to me as we ran into her car.

We arrived to a house where there was a bunch of shirtless guys running into the woods. Emma walked me into the house where a woman with a huge scar across her face was in the kitchen, cleaning. "Hey Emily, I brought someone who need some dry clothes. I hope you don't mind." Emma said. Emily turned around and stared at me. "Of course I don't mind. What's your name?" she asked. "Angelina." She smiled. "If you need a place to stay, I think Sam wouldn't mind you staying here." she said as Emma took me upstairs. She handed me a pink t-shirt and black sweatpants. "I'll throw this in the dryer, but you're more than welcome to check out La Push." she said. "Thanks Emma." I said and I walked out the door.

It stopped raining and I wonder around the town. I saw the same shirtless boys that I saw earlier on a cliff. i was down at the beach and one of them jumped off the cliff. I stood up, my hear was racing as he was falling to the water. "Its cliff diving." I jumped and turned around to see a shirtless guy. He was very muscular, had a friendly smile on his face. "Don't you ever get worried about drowning?" I asked. He laughed. I was silent. "Sorry about laughing, but no we don't worry about drowning." he said. I looked back at the guys, the last one dove off the cliff and went through the water. "I'm Jacob." the guy said. I shook his hand, which it was as hot as a fire. It hit me,now I remember why the name of the town sounded familiar to me. Werewolves. I had helped the tribe during a fight where there was a vampire who was killing everyone in the tribe. I remember excatly what was happening. I made the woman stab herself to distract the vampire woman. The generation of the tribe was now. "I'm Angelina, Emma is a friend of mine and she's letting me stay with her for awhile." I said. One of the guys were calling him. "I have to go but we can hang out sometime." he said. I smile and nodded. He ran back to the others and disappeared into the woods. I met Sam Uley and some of the other werewolves later that night.

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