Matt's Dream

Matt's Dream

this is a dream matt has as he's leaving wammy's house. enjoi

Chapter 1

Long Road To You

“Hey! Matt, wake up!” a little boy, about eight, called into a dark room. His clothes were a bit baggy, and all black, and around his neck was a red beaded necklace. “C’mon! I wanna show you something!” he called into the room. There was a bed, and a figure stirred and moaned.
“Do you know what time it is Mells? Go back to sleep!” the figure replied, now sitting up. He was wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt, and his hair was bright red. The little boy, Mello, flipped his blonde hair and approached the bed impatiently. He drew back the covers, and pulled at Matt’s arm.
“Please!? I really wanted to show you! Plus, it’s been forever since you sneaked out with me!” Mello pulled him a bit more, and he got up, and grabbed the goggles which he always wore, with a sigh. “Yay! Alright, follow me, but be real quiet! If Roger caught us up, we’d get in real big trouble.” Matt couldn’t help but smile as Mello led him out through the play room to the back door. Silently the two boys crossed the yard hand in hand, and stopped at the base of a large tree. Matt looked questiontly at the blonde. Why had he brought him out to a tree in the middle of the night, when they could’ve just seen it in the morning without the risk of being caught by Roger? Mello gestured at a branch a good height from the ground, and began to climb. Matt, still clueless, reluctantly followed his best friend up the tree. Once they were both on the branch, Matt looked at Mello, as if to ask him what all of this was for. Mello pointed to the dark sky. Above the boys, was a vast ocean of bright stars that sprinkled the night, and at the center of it, was a silver jewel; the moon. It was full, and seemed to sing out into the night. Matt gasped, so this is why Mello woke him up. It was absolutely beautiful.
“I wanted to share this with you, Matty. I wanted it to be just you and me, we own this moon tonight.”Mello smiled at the boy next to him, and hugged him. Matt was his, and always would be. His Matty was the only person he needed in this world. Matt smiled, and there they sat, looking up at the sky, belonging to no one but each other. They would be best friends forever.


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