Child of the Vampire

ok its not finshed yet and im in school so it is not that good. and dont take my work caz i worked so hard if i c any one take my work i will be angry so dont stell it ok thank u and in joy.

Chapter 1

the move

by: ember13
I sit in the white room waiting to see my mom. She’s late, weir cloud, she be? I thought to myself as the nurse past by for the third time today it looked like she was lost. “Um can I go to the bathroom?” I asked well walking to the door. She looked at me as she fixed her glass and plainly said “Um I’m not to sheer. What’s your name?” I reached my hand out the door pointing to the name on the clipboard that said Lisa Lynn Shanberg.
“Ok it says you are 17 and you need no escort to the bathroom.” She smiled as she looked back up at me. “But I’ll escort you so when your mom comes I can take you to her.” An evil smile creped her face, like she knew some thing I did not know. “Ok.” I really did not care I had to go really bad. I ran to the bathroom and quickly went. I hared people talking in other rooms.
The one voice I hared was my “special” Dr. I lessened to him “Her dad is coming today so get ready for her departure!” I hared him say with excitement. Ok ether he is talking about me or someone else. I thought to my self as I washed my hands and walking out. “Finely your out what took you so long?” a mile stood by the door. I never saw him before, but it felt like I have known him forever.
“Um I really had to go” I said as I looked at his black hair that was shoulder length, with blue eyes that stud out. I walked to my room to find my Dr, standing by the door. “Hello Liz, you are going home today but your mom won’t be the one taking you home it’s your dad.” He said with a happy smile only a mother cloud love. “Ya your dad is so special he gets his princess to live with him!” the guy who I met before said.
“Ok may I ask who you are?” I turned to him and asked. He laughed “I’m Shane Shanberg, or in your cases I’m called dad” he said with a smile that was calming. I stiffened up with shock. He looks so young how can a young guy like him be a dad? “Really is that so?” I asked with a nerviest smile on my face, he nodded yes.
My head started to spin and I had to sit down. “I’ll get your stuff Lisa” my dad said as the Dr, left. I close my eyes tight when I open them ague dad had all my stuff to gather. “Ready to go?” he asked “or do you want to say good bye to your friends?” he asked as he looked at me. I look down “I have no friends, I’m a freak as they say” he walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder, “your not a freak, your just a girl who dose not know yet.” He said as he helped me up.
We walked out of the insane asylum. The cold air hit my face and sent chills all over my pail body. Dad pushed himself close to me knowing I was cold. “My wife will take you shopping in the morning.” he said well opening the door to the car. “We have a long drive so don’t worry if you get tiered.” He looked at me and smiled. Her I go my new life; I hope I can make it the best. I thought to my self as my eyes started getting heaver till finely I fell asleep…
I woke up in a bed with a black night gown on. Ok I know this is not mine. I wonder is it dads, wife’s? I thought to myself as I got out of the strange bed, and walked to the door when it just swung open. Holy crap, that scared me badly. I thought as I sceamed with fright. “Oh sorry Hun did not mean to scare you.” The woman said as she put some close on the bed. “They where my daughters till she left to go live with her boyfriend, come to think about it she goes to the school you’ll be going to” the woman’s voice sounded sad. I did not feel like asking any questions.
But she managed to smile. “I’m Julia or you can call me mom, it really dose not mater to me.” The woman said as I saw she is a blond with green eyes. She is so pretty! I thought to myself. I smile at her “thank you for your kindness.” I say as I pick up the tight black shirt, with ripped up jeans. “Oh Hun it’s the least I can do for my Shane’s daughter!” Julia said as she looked at the close one last time and said “I’ll let you get dressed and I’ll take you out shopping” she let the room as I took off the night gown and pleased it on the bed.
I slid the black tight top over my head. I feel like I may not be happy hear. I thought naive to myself. As I slipped on the jeans over my thin hips, I fell over on to the bed. All my hair fell in my face “grate.” I thought and said out loud as I fixed my flat snow white blond hair. I stood up as I fixed the jeans. They where so tight I could see every, carve in my body.
Oh my god! I look like a-. My thoughts got interloped by a guy who looked about 18 years old. “Hay lets go!” the guy said with amber collared eyes and purple hair, his hair put a smile on my face. “Ok I’m sorry” I say walking from behind the bed. His eyes widen as he looks me over. “Um Julia is not taking you, but I’ll take you shopping. I’m Criss.” He said.
A smile hit his series face but it was still angel face. “Ok but I have no money.” I look down in disappointed in myself. “Oh don’t worry your dad gave me some money to pay for you.” He said as he gave me a look that said if you make me carry any thing I’ll do bad things to them. Well that’s what it looked like it said. I nod slightly walking out of the room.
I felt him staring at me as I stood in the hall. “Just go down the stairs and out the door, and then go to the car with the flames on it.” He said. I fallowed his intrusions and opened the passenger side.
What am I to do? I’m not a person to go shopping… I thought to myself. I looked out the tinted window trying to see the sun. The door slammed next to me, it made me jump I was so close to hitting my head. “Whoa don’t damage my baby” Criss said as he pet the steering weal.
I roll my eyes looking at his sunglass pressed ageneses his face. What up with the sunglass? I thought and looked away to make a mocking smile at my thought. “Would you like to eat? I mean after we go shopping…” he sounded like he was not that pleased. “You know I’m 17 so you don’t have to watch me.” I said as I laid my head on the window feeling the hot sun on the window.
An hour or so went by till the car halted to a stop “I have to keep watch over you my little friend.” He smiled as he handed me some sunglass. I took them and put them on and then I felt the door slip from my back, I looked at the sky as I picked myself up.
“Watch weir you fall.” A boy called as he walked passed me. What ever loser! I thought to myself but I happened to see Criss from the corner of my eye I saw him nod. I walked in to the mall like place looked around and nothing looked good so I sat on the bench as I watched people pass me. “Hay girl with the sunglass...” I looked at a derision of three guys. I bilked a cupel of times before getting up from the bench.
“Yes?” I asked walking in their derision. His brown hair out lined his face. His skin a milky cream color… they all smiled “what’s your name?” the same boy asked me. Lisa I wanted to say but I saw one person who was my only friend at the insane asylum. He smiled at me as he passed the one guy who was talking to me. “Justin what are you doing?” the other boy asked with the red hair. He did not say a word he just kissed my hand…
“Lizzy long time no see” the guy they called Justin said. Justin his name is Ryan. I thought to myself as his hazel eyes stared in to the sunglass I’m wiring. “You know you look better without sunglass on” Justin said as he takes off the sunglass. I gazed in his eyes forever. “Lisa you got what you wanted now let’s go.” Criss said as he grabbed my arm.
“Let go of me!” I cried out Justin grabbed my other arm “she let go of her!” he gave my arm a tug making me slam in to his strong built body. My face turned red, “she is not staying with you buster.” Criss shouted, “Ok first of all no one says buster any more.” Justin yelled back…
Tears fell down my face from the pain of the tugging from each end of both sides. And I felt my body falling. I woke up at the house in the bed ague. “Hay your up.” Justin’s voice sounded pleased, “oh my, what happened?” I asked as I sat up. “Well that guy tried to heart you but I protected you!” he grabbed my hands like you see in a romance movie.
He looked me straight in the eyes “Lizzy I love you and hope you to stay safe.” He murdered under his berth. I looked out to see the sky was pinch black out side. The door swigs open in a rush, and my dad stood in the door way, “is she ok?” he asked as Justin let go of my hand. “Ya she is just fine, just little confused.” He looked at me “I think she should stay away from Criss.” Justin said as I saw dad flash an anger look at the wall.
Well he is not mom that’s for sheer, but at lest he cares. I thought to myself. “Well I should go” Justin said as he got up but I grabbed his hand. “No stay please.” I say as I blush as I pull him on the bed. “Sir what should I do?” Justin asked as he touched my face. His cold hand felt as thou they where dipped in ice. “She told you to stay; I’ll get Julia to make you a bed.” Dad said as thou he new Justin would stay the night. “NO I WANT HIM TO STAY IN MY ROOM!!!!!” I said as I felt my self tremble with some kind of power rage in me.
My head got heavy; my head fell to the pillow… “She is strong.” Justin said as he pet my head…
I woke up to an alarm clock going off. What the hell? I thought to my self as I reached and trend it off. I sat up finding close on the bed and a school class list. “Aw I have school I for got.” I said in the sadist tone but I got up and got dressed in the closes I thought was cool. A tang top that showed off my chest


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