The Titanic

Oka so i began this story on my old profile and ppl want me to continue so thats wat im gonna do, but im gonna redo it all.

so Tiffany is off to make a better life, once she gets off the Titanic in New York.

Chapter 1

Saying Goodbye forever

Tiff: i dont want to go to America, its gonna be boring.
Mother: well ur father is now getting a job over there, so we're all moving.

in Tiff's thoughts.
well look at that im leaving my home in the poor, and now im moving to the america to live with rich ppl. i just dont feel right. well at least i aint traveling 3rd class. thats good at least. well anyway how would u feel if u had to leave ur friends and ur boyfriend just so u could live with ur new fam. i would hate it.

Mothers mind:
oh why doesnt she like it? maybe its cuz she is like in love with that azz, i dont like him. he doesnt look or even thinks good. well at least we get to live and have a better life. it aint much but at least we're not traveling 3rd class, that would look bad to them all. at least we didnt have to pay for them. well its not a good way to start with her.

at school:
Kyle: wat do u mean u have to go?
Tiff: well its not my idea. dad got moved im sorry.
Kyle: wat am i suppose to do? im not gonna let u go. but i guess i have to.
Tiff: wat r u like breaking up with me?
Kyle: wat else am i gonna do? i cant see u. im sorry.
Tiff: ur a diick i cant believe u would do that. nope dont talk to me. i hate ur guts. get fvcked.
Tiff walks away from Kyle and goes to the bathroom to cry

Tiff's mind:
i can't believe him i thought he would at least fight for me. but i guess i was wrong. mum's gonna be happy to hear me and Kyle are no more.
it's weird how life works isn't it?, you think life is all rainbows and butterflys and than its all ruined.

~at home~
Tiff: mum im home.
mum: hello sweetie. wats wrong?
Tiff: Kyle and i are no more.
mum: oh sweetie, thats tuff. at least you can have a new life in America.
Tiff: i guess.

~mums mind~
thats awesome. no more of that azz messing with my baby girl. but it's a shame she's upset about it though. oh well, thats life for ya

~later at the ship~

~Tiffs mind~
wow wat a big ship. its hugh. i couldnt believe it. its like omg, and we get to o on it. cool. now im happy. plus i have nothing here, beside my friend, james, but nobody else. this was gonna be the best trip ever. wow i cant belive it im going to america. cool.

Tiff:mum can i go have a look at the ship?
Mother:oh go on.

Tiffany walks around the ship, intaking everything that was going on. ppl moving their stuff inside the ship, ppl talking to each other, girls in lovely dresses (Tiffs mind: omg i wished i owned one of those), men in siuts (they look funny) and all the rooms to explore (wow this was gonna be the best trip ever). and she had all the time of thw world to walk around. just as she went to cheak out the pools someone came up to introduce himself to her....

i was to busy looking around to all the walls and the beautiful and intricate(sp?) little patterns that are on the roof and walls. that i didn't notice someone infront of me and feel backwards and on my butt.

Tiff: ow,(looks up) oh sorry i didnt see you there. not that your hard to miss
Boy: thats ok, are you alright? (helps Tiff up).
Tiff: thanks, im ok. just a little sore, but i'll get over it.
Boy: thats good. oh i almost forgot my names Heath. and if you don't mind me asking but what is your name.
Tiff: nice name. not at all, my names Tiffany.

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