Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 10

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 10

a little Tension between the two happens
she finds out a little disturbing new about the Draco she woulldnt want to have known.

Chapter 1

Kingsley Cross Station

by: kinewnew
Draco’s light snores woke me up that morning. I turned around and looked at him, arms still around me. He looked so cute and peaceful; I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t stir, so I kissed him lightly on the lips, I felt his lips turn up into a smile. “I think I could get use to this wake up call,” he said. “We have an hour before the train leaves today, I think you mister needs to let me go so I can get ready. “But I don’t want to let you go, I want to keep you in my arms like this forever,” he told me. I smiled and kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around me even tighter which I thought would be impossible. “Draco, I’m serious, I don’t want to miss the train.” I frowned. “Fine” he sighed in surrender and released me. I walked to my room and made sure all of my trunks for school were set together and I went downstairs, waiting for Draco. “Can I talk to you real fast?” I asked him as he walked down the stairs. “Sure?” he said questioningly. “Okay well I think when we get to school we should keep our relationship to ourselves for awhile. Just until I’m ready for people to know about us.” I said nervously thinking he’d be mad. “I think so also.” He told me. “So when we get to on the train today we act like we hate each other, just until the Halloween ball. Which you can take me to and we danced like this.” I said pulling him tightly towards me and swayed to the imaginary music. “okay are you two ready… well it looks like you two caught up with each other.” Narcisa said smiling as we pulled quickly away from each other. I blushed and made my way to the car. When we got out of the car Draco and I immediately went our separate ways. I spotted Harry, Hermione, and what was left of the weasley clan. “Hey guys,” I said as I approached them. “Hi Adriana, bye Adriana.” Ron said. “Yea, me and Ron really have to go so we’ll see you two later.” Hermione said walking off. Harry and I found a cart that was accompanied by Luna and Neville. “Hi Neville, Hi Luna,” I said sitting down. “hi Harry and Adriana.” Luna said dreamily. “so Adriana, anything interesting happened at Malfoy’s?” harry asked. “Huh, what interesting, haha no. nothing at all.” I told him nervously. “Are you sure?” he asked suspiciously. ‘I’m am sure Harry nothing having to do with Voldemort.” I told him reassuringly. We talked for a bit, them Hermione and Ron came back later. Accompanied by some second year. “Um I was told by professor Slughorn, to give this to a Hermione Granger and” she turned towards Harry. “Your ha-harry Potter, wow, I mean Professor Slughorn would like to see you also.” She said nervously. They left with the second year. I fell asleep but woke up when Hermione returned. “Where’s Harry?” I asked her. “He said he was going to the bathroom,” she said not paying attention and grabbed a chocolate frog. “Oh okay and I shrugged it off. Nearly a half an hour has passed and the train was entering school grounds. Harry still hadn’t come back yet and I was getting worried. We exited the train. Neither Harry nor Draco was in sight. “You guys were Harry?” I asked. “Dunno probably already entered the school.” Ron told me. Still a little nervous I walked with them towards the castle. Having to go through all of their security measures. We entered the great hall, what a relief it was to be back in the school. Draco entered a while later; he had a very satisfied look on his face. “What’s he so happy about, eh?” Ron asked. I just shrugged, not really in the mood. “Oh no look he’s hurt again.” Hermione said turning towards the grand entrance. “What happened?” I asked when he got closer. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Harry you’re covered in blood. “ Hermione said. “Come here-” she raised her wand and said “Tergeo!” and cleared off the dry blood. “Thanks” harry said. “How do I look?” he asked. “Normal” I said. “Harry what happened?” I asked anxiously. “Later,” he said trying to get them to drop it?” he said. “but-” Hermione started. “Not now, Hermione,” he said. I sighed I knew I would have to confront Draco later. When the feast was over and I was full to the point where I couldn’t even move, I headed out to find Draco. “I spotted him in an abandoned corridor. “Adriana” he exclaimed smiling. He walked up towards me and pulled me into his arms, he tried to kiss me but I turned my head. “What’s wrong?” he asked but he didn’t let go of me. “What happened with Harry on the train?” I asked him. “Oh, that it was nothing.” He said and he brought his face to mine again. “No, Draco what happened?” I asked more sternly this time. “Well your friend Potter came into my cart with his little invisibility cloak and spied on us again. So I did something to him to make him not spy on me again.” He told me. I looked at him disapprovingly. “Draco,” I started. “Listen Adriana I promise to not hurt your friend Potter. If he promises to keep with his own damn business.” He told me. “I can try but you know self independent he can be, I doubt he’ll listen to me.” I said. “Well, enough talk about him and let’s get back to us.” He said and he pulled my face to his. This time I didn’t object and I kissed him back. I started to hear footsteps and we broke apart. “I’ll see you in class tomorrow. Oh and whatever Potter tells you he heard well-”and the footsteps got closer. “Oh there you are Adriana,” I turned around and saw that it was Hermione. “I’ve been looking for you, where were you” she asked. “I was with Draco.” I told her. “Are you to together?” she asked slyly. “Yes we are,” I told her awaiting the reaction. She developed a disgusted look. “Do not tell Harry and Ron about this,” she told me. “Oh they will find out soon enough.” I told her. She just shook her head. “Speaking of harry, did Draco tell you his side of what happened?” she asked as we approached the fat lady. “Periwinkle” she said to the door. And it swung open. “well he told me that whatever Harry tells me but then you started approaching and he couldn’t finish the sentence. “oh well Harry said that he heard Malfoy say that he might not be at Hogwarts next year, that he moved on to bigger and better things. And then he said something about you-know-who not caring about if he was to young and that his job was something only he was meant to do. Though Ron reckons he was just trying to impress Pansy.” She told me. My jaw dropped and I walked to my room without saying another word to her. I was starting to question Draco again. I was definitely going to have to talk to him about this one.


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