The New Neighbor

Here it is!
Theme Song~
World So Cold-Three Days Grace

Chapter 3

FIGHT (Strange-Tokio Hotel ft. Kerli)

I got to my locker and the bell rang. So many Superiors passed by, and I finally noticed how close to the staircase my locker actually was. All of the long-legged, beautiful, handsome, sexy, tall Superiors walked by and I managed to grab Dagger's sleeve. "Dag..." I started but he pulled away and ran after the group up the stairs.

"Oooh, hawtie don't like you." I turned and saw Seirath. Wearing a the school uniform but she made it look like a prostitute costume. "It must suck...being the misfit and not knowing where you belong."

She hmmmphd and left. I sighed and grabbed my iPod, my mythology book, and walked to class alone in the halls.

Class today was just a movie about angels, demons, and I think Nephilim but I'm not sure. I turned up my iPod as loud as it would go and laid my head on my desk. This was the only class today for the Inferiors and the Superiors would join in when they were finished upstairs.

I accidentally fell asleep, like usual. Something about the people in this school made me feel relaxed.

My eyes fluttered open when I heard a door shut and then lights clicked on. "Ok, Tammin? Can you tell me how Satan was shunned out of Heaven?" I heard the teacher ask faintily and I suddenly realized my iPod was missing. "Are you looking for this?" He asked while he plugged it into a player.

"Play that Strange song. It fits her so perfectly." Seirath snickered and I noticed all of the Superiors were in the room. Then I heard Strange start playing over the speakers. "God, what a freak!" She exclaimed when she heard the lyrics.

The pain enclosed my heart and I panicked.

I get aggressive when I'm panicking.

"You are strange." Another girl snickered and I noticed it was the same girl from the Dagger encounter.

"A freak of nature, stuck in reality..." I closed my eyes. "Strange, in your perfect world. So strange I feel so absurd in this life..." Then my eyes flew open and I jumped up. I shoved the teahcer into his desk, grabbed my iPod and the radio started playing the same song.

"Oooh, you're in trouble." Seirath taunted and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I spun around and punched the boy from earlier, square in the jaw. He stumbled back and everyone gasped. He was a good foot taller than me and I was shocked myself.

The teacher was talking to one of the Superior teachers and they both looked at me surprised. Then everyone started chanting "Fight, fight, fight, fight..."

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