The New Neighbor

Here it is!
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World So Cold-Three Days Grace

Chapter 2

The Castle, The Superiors, And The Inferiors

Today was a half day for all schools and daycares. Daycares and grade schools are of course in the mornings, but the highschool has afternoon classes.

I pulled my layered hair into a low, lose ponytail, and pushed my arms into my hoodie. I darkened my make-up, and ran out hte door after kissing my sleeping mom on the forehead one more time.

"Oh, Tamming! Would you like a ride to the highschool with us?" I turned at the wrong pronunciation of my name and saw Dagger getting in the blue '06 mustang Shelby.

"Mom, it's Tammin." I heard Dagger mumble from the passenger seat.

" thanks. I should get the fresh air." And before she could protest, I gripped my backpack and darted across the street then across the fields to the large highschool.


My first period was lunch which I found hysterical considering it's a half-day. I ran up to my two best friends, Dawn and Fawn, who just happen to be twins. Both blonde, athletic, beautiful, tall, long legs, did I mention they're both models? All of the girls in this school are exactly the same except for the hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors.

Except for me.

I'm the palest, only one with dark hair, the least coordinated girl, and the most random. I'm the only weird, crazy, awesome one in this school.

Nightlife High has split classes in the mornings. The school is as large as a castle so everyone calls it a castle. Some of us (me) are the "inferiors" and the one's who are in the top floors of the castle in the mornings are the "superiors". I believe I am the only one who thinks this arrangement is weird.

"Oh my God! Did you here that the Superiors have a new kid?! So unfair! Hey..." Fawn started and then her and Dawn finished the statement. "Why aren't you in your uniform?!"

"Um...I forgot..." I mumbled and then Dawn squealed.

"Oh my God! It's him! The new kid!" She said and got this weird look on her face. God she has another crush.

I turned and my mouth fell when I saw Dagger walking up to some of the Superiors. "Oh. my. God." Me and Fawn said at the same time.

"He's hot!" Squealed Dawn.

"He's sexy!" Fawn topped her.

"He's my new neighbor." I mumbled, gripped my back pack, and jogged over. "Dagger...are you seriously a new Superior?" I said and then bit my tongue when all of them looked at me strangely.

"Superior? Um...what?" He asked and a buff Superior slightly hit his shoulder. Dagger looked at him and the guy looked at me.

"What do you want?" He asked. Of course, he sounded like he was superior.

"God, you sound like you own him!" I spat back and he stood up. Something in his eyes shifted to a dark green. "Dude! You have thee most wicked eyes ever!" I exclaimed and a girl to Dagger's right laughed a high pitched shrill.

"Well, of course, he is superior to you. We all are. Even those...inferiors...are more superior than you." She said and let out a cackle.

There's the nagging pain in my chest again.

"I...They are not."

"Yes, they are, haven't you noticed that you're different and you don't belong?"

The pain worsens and I actually clutch at the necklace on my neck.

"I...I...I have to go." I whispered, turned, and ran past the twins, and inside the castle.

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