The New Neighbor

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Chapter 10


"Tammin, my husband and I have researched your family line for as far back as we could. We believe your father was 100% angel, but then he married your mother - a human. That's how you went undetected for so long. You're human blood is stronger than that of your angel blood." Mrs. Wilton said.

"Wow, really? That is...really cool actually." I said. Mr. and Mrs. Wilton smiled at each other.

"We're glad you are accepting your heritage this easily. Most people would be in denial. Then again, you aren't like most Nephilim. A Nephilim - in easy summary - is a half-angel breed. Darling, we believe your father is Michael. The archangel." Mr. Wilton said slowly.

"That's not even possible. My dad lives on earth. He's always on business trips." Then I started to think about it. I hadn't seen my dad since I was five. It started to make sense. I lightly squeezed Dagger's hand.

"I know it makes no sense, but we have been doing our research for so long. It all adds up. Your siblings being murdered." I cringed at the memory. "You're mother going crazy. You're mother even trying to murder your other sibling. It makes so much sense once you know all of the details. Dagger, you can decide if we tell her now or later." Mrs. Wilton said while looking at her son. I looked up at him. He looked down at me. I nodded.

"You can tell her now. It will be better to finish everything at once." Dagger said.

"Ok. Tammin, do you think you're ready?" Mr. Wilton asked. I nodded. "Okay. You're father is an Archangel - a sort of warrior rank. These warriors are not to have descendents. You and your three siblings are the break of the rule. In order to prevent a riot among the Archangels, you all must be killed off. We believe your two elder siblings were kidnapped and murdered in front of your father. Sort of as a warning. Then your mother was possessed. Think of it like this - the love of his life has gone insane. Do you think any of the other archangels would want that happening to their loves? No. Then your mother tried to kill off your youngest sibling. Since she did not succeed, they will do anything to murder that child."

"But why didn't they start with the oldest and work their way down?" I asked, thinking I should have died first. Dagger tightened his hand around mine, and I looked up at him.

"You were the first born. You got the most of your father's blood. They need more fighters, Tammin. They want to wait and see your skills. That is, before they kill you." Mrs. Wilton answered.

"Kill me? Wait. If they are killing off my siblings then....Samantha isn't safe?.." I asked.

"Not at all." Mr. and Mrs. Wilton both said at the same time. "Waiter! We need the check!" Mrs. Wilton yelled as she figured out what I was saying.

Dagger and I both got up. "I'm sorry for leaving so quickly. Thank-you for dinner!" I yelled as Dagger and I raced out the door.

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