The New Neighbor

Here it is!
Theme Song~
World So Cold-Three Days Grace

Chapter 1


I woke up to a strange sound that my ears weren't used to. A type of screaming coming from outside my window. I smiled as the lyrics from Unanswered by Suicide Silence floated through the window. The music got louder and louder and I ran over to my drums and started playing it. I had memorized it years before.

Wait, why is Suicide Silence playing?

I jumped up and ran to my window, brushing my bangs to the side and looking at the house next door. It had been vacant for almost twelve years. Why were people moving in? Is there a girl my age? Is that her radio?

I showered, brushed and straightened my hair, brushed my teeth, put on eyeliner and mascara, and then changed into black skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a purple Flyleaf t-shirt. On my way downstairs, I pulled on my white high tops and saw my mom asleep on the couch, clutching a picture of Damien and Clara. "Oh, Mom," I whispered and kissed her forehead.

After that, I ran outside and saw the moving truck drive away and the family lifting boxes into the house. Ok, winter + t-shirt = not a smart idea. But instead of going back inside, I walked through the snow, over to the two adults.

"Hi! Do you want some help?" I asked and a woman my mom's age smiled at me.

"Oh, are you the neighbor girl? Hi, I'm Mrs. Wilton."

I shook her hand and then while shaking Mr. Wilton's I said, "I'm Tammin. My parents and I live next door."

"Oh, it's a pleasure meeting you. Did you say you would like to help?" She asked and I nodded. "Um...Oh! We have a son about your age, a couple years older actually. He left a couple boxes down here, would you mind taking them to his room? Just follow the...I guess you would call it music."

I nodded, smiled, and picked up four semi-heavy boxes, and walked up the winding staircase. I followed the music which was now Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. I mumble/sang along until I came to the door which was open. I stopped in the door way and saw a guy, not wearing a shirt, rifling through boxes.

"Mom! Do you know where my..." The second he turned around and saw me, I stumbled forward and the top box fell and hit him in the chest.

"Oopsies! Sorry..." I mumbled and my hair fell in front of my face. "Um...your mom sent me up with the rest of your boxes."

He nodded and looked me up and down. Oh God, not another stereotyper. I've been called emo, trash, scene, and depressed for a long time. Why? I'm not sure.

"And you are...?"

"Oh! I'm Tammin, I live next door." I said and held out my hand. He looked at me strangely and nodded slightly. He rifled through the boxes then found one full of t-shirts. He pulled a Cookie Monster shirt on and by then I was already leafing through his iPod songlist. "Wow, me and you listen to a lot of the same..."

He pulled the iPod out of my hand and shook his head at me. "What are you doing still in my house?" He asked coldly and I winced.

"Oh, sorry. I don't have any friends so I get really excited and nosy and babbly whenever I meet someone new..." I started saying but his glare cut me off.

"I see why."

"Why I babble?"

"No, why you don't have any friends."

Whatever a smile that I had left, quickly faded away and a familiar pain in my chest threatened to make me cry. "Um...I have to go." I whispered, shoved my hands in my pockets, and turned and started walking out the door.

"Hey...I'm just kidding." He said and I shrugged.

"Not really," I whispered and ran back to my house, ignoring the confused looks of Mr. and Mrs. Wilton.


I pulled a chair up to my window and sat down. I turned and saw the boy, shirtless, with a notepad sitting by his window also. A sigh escaped my lips and I looked down at my empty notebook.

Then something hit the window and I jumped. The boy had lifted his notebook which read, Sorry for being a jerk...REWIND?, in big blue letters.

I nodded an then our conversation began. (Bold-Tammin & Italicized-the boy)

Wtz ur name?

Dagger...ur Tanming?


Oh, yah, thats rite. Is it always cold?

lolx! Well not in the summer!

Kk, good. U hav both 'rents?'s gon on business trip...won't see him til aftr my b-day.

That sux...

yah...ur 'rents seem nice...

Yah...i gess they r...

u dont like them?

Eh...I do...U hav any siblings?

I swallowed before I wrote, I used 2 hav only 1...

Wt happend 2 the othr 2?

If ur here long enuf...ull hear bout it from sum1...

I'd lik 2 get it from the source if u dont mind...

2 oldest (11&8) were kidnappd n murdered...I gtg...


I stood up and ripped out all of the pages that I had written on, and threw them into my Hello Kitty wastebasket with Kirby stickers all over it. All he said was 'Kk'?

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