my first anime

ok so i finally decided to start writing my anime so i figured id let everybody who commented have the first draft warning most of the charecters are female comment on what you think of the first chapter and ill write more if i get good comments but be honest i need good and bad criticism if i plan to become a better writer

Chapter 3

i find out that my father is a deadly sin

i got rudely awakin the next morning by dezza she dumped a bucket of cold water on me and looked scared i couldent understand why she just told me to go see jonnah she is in the second door on the left i told her ok and sleepily dragged myself to the room dezza was talking about jonnah sat in a leather chair dressed in black combat armor caring around a long sword that gleamed in the light she looked at me and ordered me to sit down and not speak until she was done talking she told me that the person that had monitored my sleep the previous night had found something interesting she stopped for a minute then asked me with a look of foreboding in her eyes if i knew my genetic father i answered no then asked what this had to do with the monitors findings she said be quite and listen she then begun to explain that the monitor had seen a strange light come from my body a light that comes off of children that have been excepted by there parents there genetic parents the same reason that people like myself were aloud in this world and my father had excepted me his sign had had shown itself on my chest when i was asleep the sign of greed she then began explaining that the children on greed were rare it wasn't often that they came to this world greed never excepts his children but i happened to be the exception when something unusual like this happens it usually means bad things for this world like our parents creating a war through us children she also explained that greed has done this before for entertainment the sins barely get let free of there captivities but once a year on a solar eclipse they get to run ramped and do as they wish with no consequences she then told me vixen was a child of lust then she looked at me with sensitivity and sorrow she said cause of who your father is we must ask you to leave our facility you may take a weapon each but trust me when i say you don't choose the weapon it chooses you a few of our other soldiers have decided to fallow you on your journey they are justin a archer and a son of wrath and sam a daughter of envy they have chosen this path of there own free will and they are determined to protect you now leave my quarters please

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