my first anime

ok so i finally decided to start writing my anime so i figured id let everybody who commented have the first draft warning most of the charecters are female comment on what you think of the first chapter and ill write more if i get good comments but be honest i need good and bad criticism if i plan to become a better writer

Chapter 1

what the hell just happened

ok first off my name is trinnix green the name comes from one of my moms cryptozoooligy books secondly ive been living by myself since i was 14 going to school and paying rent anyway i could and yes that includes theft and lastly before we jump into what has happened to me over the last few months i am 17 now and my only friend is a girl named vixen she has been loyal since my mom died and ill never forget her for that now lets start at the beining everything started happening on another sunny day in my hometown santa monica california me and vixen were at her house watching anime's she was exsplaining the storyline to me when a loud screeching sound came from seemingly nowhere i could tell she had heard it to then just as suddenly as it came it was gone we ignored that it even happened and continued watching our show but right as i was about to go home i suddenly got very sick feeling like i had just been punched in the gut by a professinal boxer i dropped to my nees and then the screeching noise came again but this time twice as loud i couldent even hear myself think then the world seemed to shift and vixens house was gone i was kneeling in the middle of a feild that seemed to come from one of vixens anime's the ground was completly blackend by soot and seemed to be covered in black blood my head was pounding and i could hear vixen screaming bloody murder once my barings came back i studyed the wastland it was ofiously a battlefeild but for what then a large lizard looking creature with gigantic fangs smaked me into the ground not being able to understand what had just happened i stood back up only to be slamed into the ground again then picked up and througn into a large boulder the whole time the only thing that came though in my thoughts were im gonna die then this creature is gonna kill vixen as the creature picked me up and opened its enourmous mouth i could see large fangs and and chunks of meat hanging from them only adding to the fear of the moment then something weired happened a pain started coursing through me burning hot and just painful there was no way to exsplain it then everything just sorta blured next thing i knew the creature was on fire then some voice was telling me that i had finnally awakin as a child of greed and i was passing out last thing i saw was three figures picking me up off ;the ground and vixen falloweing them

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