love at first sight (An emo ghost story)

love at first sight (An emo ghost story)

Name: Ashleigh Mattis
Ashleigh has long black hair and is very pale. She wears thick black make up. She dresses in black all the time and wears a lot of chokers, Skull earrings and emo stuff.
She lives with her mum who is often at her boyfriends house she is an alcoholic and treats Ashleigh badly. Her dad walked out when she was three and is often left alone in her house.
She likes rock music and is a really good drawer. She doesn't have a lot of friends and likes to be alone

Chapter 1


It was 28th of September 2005 Jessie Calver was walking back from school he had his headphones in listening to his music. He was 15 years old he had jet black hair he was pale and skinny. He hated his parents they didn't understand him. Mostly he hated his brother. His brother was also 15 he was the most popular boy in school he had loads of friends a nice girlfriend but considered his brother an embarrassment to the family. His name was James he was fairly good looking.

James was walking with his big group of friends laughing and joking with them. They occasionally glanced up to Jessie who was walking on his own listening to his music and pointed and laughed at him talking about the way he dressed the way he walked and the way he looked. Jessie reached the corner and leaned against the lamp post as his brother and his mates made there way up. Jessie looked at the floor and waited. James had told Jessie that they were not allowed to be seen entering the house together and that Jessie had to wait five minutes after he had gone in. Jessie saw no point of arguing with his brother so sadly agreed. Five minutes had passed so Jessie made his way to the house he took each little step at a time. As soon as he entered the house there would be nothing but misery depression and longing to be anywhere but there. He slowly opened the front door and climbed the stairs. He reached his room and let out a loud sigh. He let his bag slide down his right arm and onto the floor. He sat in the middle of the bed and his head fell to his knees. He started to cry he was crying because of the names he had been called today and the times he had been hit and taunted. His hand felt for under his pillow as he gripped onto the razor blade he slowly took it to his wrist and started to cut. This was the only way he could get rid of the pain. His parents arrived back. James was in the front room watching television his mum and dad gave him a big hug and asked how today had gone. Jessie listened as they fussed over James. He wished he was a bird so he could fly away he just wanted to escape. Jessie grabbed his poetry book and started to write the words were spilling out of him his pen twirling all over the page his arm started to ache and he gave up and tucked it safely away under his mattress. Jessie's mum called him for dinner but he didn't feel like eating so he turned his music up louder and lay back on his bed taking in the rhythm and the beat. Suddenly the door burst open and crashed against the wall. Jessie sat up in shock to see his father breathing heavily at the door staring at him with his cold emotionless eyes. "you answer your mother when she calls you understand me you ungrateful little brat" He shouted at the top of his voice. "y....yes sir." Jessie answered in fear. His dad looked him up and down and started to shake his head at him "Why cant you be like your brother huh.... Instead of being the freak of the family your a disgrace to us you are." he carried on shouting at the top of his voice. Jessie wanted to cry he wanted to cry harder than he ever had but he kept it together and calmly answered "Your not much better than me." As soon as the words had come out he regretted them. He was as his fathers smug expression turned to sheer hatred and anger. Jessie felt his fathers hand connect with his face there was a loud smack and Jessie was out for the count. He woke the next morning to a very sore eye he got up and looked at the massive black mark on his eye. He slowly walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. His mum was staring at him and said "Thats what you get for being cheeky to your father, i dont know who the hell you think you are but you wont get away with it in this house understand." Jessie ignored her and then she hit him around the back of the head. She brought his cold dinner in from last night and told him that he had to eat it. Jessie felt the hot tears Burning his eyes as he tried to push the plate away. But his family forced him to eat it they kept shoving the spoon down his throat and laughing as he begged to stop. Jessie finally finished and went to stand up but his brother wasn't letting him he poured his milk all over Jessie and pinned him to the sofa. Where he repeatedly burped in his face. Whilst Jessie was in the shower James messed up his room tearing his posters smashing his mirror breaking his Cd's and throwing things across the room. Jessie ran out of the house and went to the park. He sat on the swings and started to think. He never noticed that it was getting dark. It was half ten and he got up. He ran to his house to noticce no one was in he ran up the stairs two at a time. He took the razor blade to his wrist and started to cut. He closed his eyes as he slowly died.

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