Living the Life of an Almost Superstar

This is a story of a girl,Maddison,that is fighting her way to be big in California when she gets the biggest suprise of her life. this suprise could come with love, fame, and fortune. But will it turn out like she planned?

her look:
her car:

Chapter 1

Unfriend You (love this song)

"Come on M," he said and touched my shoulder.
"Don't.Touch.Me. Damen" I said said through my teeth.
"Come on M, don't be this way."he said.
"Don't be this way," I said in a mocking voice." are you crazy how could I not when I find out that all the things you've said to me were a lie.And to think I actually thought this was real.I can't believe you cheated on me. Especially with my ex-best friend." I said so mad you could probably see steam coming out my ears.
"I'm sorry, give me another chance.I'll never let you down again." he said trying to take my hand. And that was it, that was when I lost it. You know how in the movies where the girl slaps the guy? Well, I don't slap......I punch. So I punched Damen in the nose and pulled my hand back to see red on it.The blood wasn't the first sign that i had broken his nose, it was the satisfying crunch that came a second before.
"I told you not to touch me." I told him in the legendary 'I told you so' tone. I left Damen there,in the mall parking lot, crying like a baby. I cleaned my hand that had his blood on it when i got in my car. I didn't go home, I didn't go to the beach, I just went the one place I knew I could be alone,the stage in the school auditorium.

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