Great Stories You Should Read!

These are just some of the great love stories I've read on quibblo. I'm giving you the link to them, title, author, and who they're about.
Enjoii :D
Btw, if you know a good one that I haven't listed, post a comment giving me a link to the author's profile page and I'll find it.
Also, I'm sorry that I'm putting links to stories without people's permission, but I'm just trying to help get your story more publicity. :D

Chapter 1

Michael Jackson stories :D (cha'mone now!)

by: MrsRadke
Him by MichaelJacksonChik4eva

Playboy (I Wanna Be Yours) by MichaelJacksonChik4eva

Just One Kiss by Haters_Gon_Hate

Tell Them that it's Human Nature by kelca234

My Heart's War Between Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp by gothic_vampyre_jelly

Meeting the Love of Your Life (btw, this one is part 2 because I think she deleted part one, I can't seem to find it........) by Haters_Gon_Hate

It All Started at the Grill (Btw, this one is also part 2, I can't find part one) by mjluver16

Peter Pan and Wendy's Memory Book by Bon_Jovi

Someday My......... King Will Come? by TeamJacobLuvsMj (and I don't mean to be concieted or anything, but I really want more people to read this one even though it's mine!)

The Girl is Mine by TeamJacobLuvsMj


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