Song Stories

Okay, so here's what happened: I was sitting in my study hall block today, extremely bored, when an idea came to me. Why not write some short stories based off of some songs? There are some really good ones out there, so why not?

There's a catch to this, however. The song stories are meant to bring realization to the world. Read the first chapter, and it'll explain everything else (since this box doesn't allow me enough space -.-)

Chapter 2

How Can This Happen To Me?

It was another average night. We had just been at a friend's house for a party, Violet and I, and we were driving back to her house, where I would drop her off for the night like I usually did. We had been dating for almost 3 years now; I was 24 and she was 21, just about to finish college early. That's why I loved her; she was so damn smart, but she made it look so sexy.

But this wasn't like the other nights. Tonight I was going to do something, ask something that would ultimately change both of our lives forever.

I was going to ask her to marry me.

We drove on to her house in a companionable silence. I had one hand on the steering wheel, gently guiding us on our way to our destination. The other hand was twined with one of hers, in a grip soft but firm. The flashing lights of other cars danced across her beautiful brown eyes, shining in her silky brown hair. I was tempted to pull over on the side of the road and propose to her now. But I didn't. I had it all planned out in my mind, that I would ask her right before we parted for the night. And when I did, maybe she would ask me to stay for the night.

Slowly, Violet turned her head and looked at me affectionately. "You're amazing," she said softly. "Never underestimate your abilities, and use your talents to their biggest extents. I know you can change people's lives."

I looked at her in surprise. She sounded like she was saying good-bye. Her eyes were so hypnotizing, so mournful for a reason I didn't know why. I couldn't look away. Her words rang in my ears.

Her last words.


I had run a red light without realizing it, and a car had hit us full speed on the passenger side of the car.

My world went black. But not before I could hear the crunching sound of metal....and bone.


I stood outside her room at the hospital, unable to believe what was happening right now. Violet was in there because of me. She was dying....because of me.

I couldn't sit, for I was too restless. I couldn't pace, for I was too tired. I couldn't speak, for I was too shocked, not even when Violet's parents came and asked me what happened. My eyes were glazed over, body still as a statue, refusing to absorb what was happening, not wanting to accept the cold truth.

I was reflecting on the last moment we had had together.

Her final words, telling me how amazing I was, how talented I am, how I could change people's lives. That finalized tone she had said those words with....

Realization dawned.

She had known she was going to die.

That's why she told me to never underestimate myself, that my talents could change people's lives. She knew who I am, and I once knew her the way she did me. She would want me to write about this, given my author / writer background. She would want me to tell my story to all those who asked, to all those who were wondering about her. She would always want me to remember her. It's the least I can do for what I did to her.

So here I stand, telling you my story, with the wedding ring an eternal burden in my pocket.

"How can this happen to me?
I've made my mistakes,
There's nowhere to run,
The night goes on,
And I'm fading away.
I'm sick of this life.
I just want to scream,
How can this happen to me?"
--- Simple Plan

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