Song Stories

Okay, so here's what happened: I was sitting in my study hall block today, extremely bored, when an idea came to me. Why not write some short stories based off of some songs? There are some really good ones out there, so why not?

There's a catch to this, however. The song stories are meant to bring realization to the world. Read the first chapter, and it'll explain everything else (since this box doesn't allow me enough space -.-)

Chapter 1


All right, so here's the run-down:
- Each chapter will be titled with the name of the song it is being written off of.
- At the end of each chapter, the chorus of the song will be listed.
- Each story is going to be different, each with a different story based off of the song.
- The stories are meant to hold emotion. Feel free to cry or express your feelings in the comment box based off of whichever story.

There is a catch to this, however. You get to decide which song I write about :) However, I am not taking any recommendations, requests, or suggestions for the time being, since I am swamped with other things as it is. I will try to get to taking other requests besides my own as soon as I can, but, as of now, I'll only be writing song stories off of songs I deem fitting.

NOTE: These song stories are meant to bring realization of the world to you all. There are so many problems and issues in the world, and we seem to take so many of our blessings in our modern day life for granted. Some people don't have what we do. Some people can't have what we do. Do you know how many people out there are suffering unnecessary pain? Do you know how many innocent people out there are going through hard times day after day? Whether it be with money, family, homes, or anything else, innocent people are suffering. These song stories are meant to show whoever reads them that the world isn't a perfect place, that the world is full of pain, and that we should never, ever take anything we have for granted. Whether it be our home, our family, our friends, even our own talents, we should always be thankful that we have them. Some people out there don't have what we have, and they may never have it. So, please, take this all into consideration. Please pray for these people; it doesn't matter what religion you may be. Please do something for those who need help out there in the world. A small act can go a long way.

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