Black kizzez and Death Wizhez

Black kizzez and Death Wizhez

This is my new story.
If you wanna see the original form that i wrote just go to
I have more stories on that but still, here it goes enjoy.
WARNING! This is a story about Gay's/lesbo's/bi's. Don't like? DON"T READ!

Chapter 1

(1) This won't end well

~~Haven's P.O.V~~

'Dammit Lilya i knew i should have got you up'I thought as i stared up at the clock at the front of the class room.Suddenly 30 min late for class Lilya, my"dearest" sister, barges through the door panting."Well,well,well.The first day of school and you can't make it on time."The teacher glared at her. "I'm ..sorry"She muttered and sat down in the seat next to me. The teacher huffed and continued his lecture.Suddenly i felt something hit my hand, and when i looked down i saw a folded up note. The note was from Lilya. "Why the hell didn't you wake me up Haven!!!!???"she asked. "IDK, i thought u would wake up"I wrote back."Whatever...."she wrote. I just rolled my eyes and tucked the paper into my notebook.We were in history at the moment. I heard the door open and looked up to see a gorgeus boy walk into the room. The teacher looked up and smiled,I would have swore his face was going to break."You must be the new student,that just arrived?"said the teacher. "Yes, I'm Damen," he said barely audioble."Well, Damen you can take the seat right next to Haven"the teacher stated pointing at me. I saw a light blush come over his cheecks as he nodded and walked to his seat his eyes catching mine for a split secount.The teacher went back to talking about...well i haven't been paying attention so i have no clue. I looked over at Damen and smirked whenever i caught him stareing at me. As soon as he noticed i was looking at him he looked away quickly blushing madly.I was just about to say something when i was cut off by the bell sounding.Damen got up and hurried to the door. Unfourtunately for him so did Lilya, they ended up collding head first and falling to the ground."What the.." they both muttered.Damen looked at her and scrambbled up and held out his hand to help her up."I'm SO sorry" He said in a 'please don't kill me tone'. "Chill it's fine i'm used to being knocked down. No big deal. Please don't have a spaz attack"She said with a smile as she grabbed his outstreched hand and got up." Okay" He said and you could hear the relife in his voice.I walked over to them "Lilya,You need to start watching where your going."I chuckeld. "Shut it!"She yelled punching me on the arm. "You to know eachother?"He asked . "Yea,He's my brother"She stated."Really?!" He asked looking back and forth between us."Yep!"I nodded. "Wow..... What's your guy's next class?"He asked. "Math"We said in unisons. "Me TO!" He exclaimed causeing us to giggle."Well, before we're late let's go,go,GO!"I exclamied sugar from mygum kickin in.

*FF to lunch*

Damen agreed to sit with us at lunch,untill. "DAMY!!!!!!"Came a giggely girl voice. I looked over and saw a scene/emo looking girl jump onto Damen's. "Dawn!" he exclamied.I looked over and saw my sister looking at the girl with her moth wide open. HA! Lilya gotz a crush! "Oh sorry guys. Dawn this is Haven and Lilya! Guys this is my Step-Sister,Dawn."He said puting her down."Hi!"She chirped exteneding her hand towrds Lilya. "Heyz!" Lilya replied with a smile.They shook eachothers hands until we heard," Hey Faggs!" oh crap Gadge, this won't end well.


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