Dreams in Green and Silver

A Shout-Out to smileycat10:
Thanks so much for your Hogwarts love stories. They gave me the inspiration for my series, and the first two parts of your series begin my series. This would never have happened unless I had been on late at night reading your work, so thanks a dozen times over!
The first two parts of Smileycat10's Hogwarts Love Stories (Draco's part, obv.), are incorporated in the beginning of my story, used with permission of Smileycat10.
This Story is now complete. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Mr. Draco

Ever since I ran into Draco Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express, I liked him, sharp attitude notwithstanding. But I soon found out that this was the young man Pansy, my older sister, swore she was dating, though she was only twelve years old at the time. The years began to pass, and Pansy kept her claws in Draco, never letting him even look in my direction without a squeal and a sharp reprimand quickly following.
I was a year younger than he and my sister, a fact that Pansy continually pointed out: I was too young to be seen around the two of them, so I was never allowed to be close by. But I still caught Draco looking at me occasionally, whenever those brief moments happened that Pansy wasn't nearby.
While Pansy has dark hair, I am a bit fairer than she, with golden hair and dark silver eyes. Pansy hates that Draco and I have almost identical colouring, but then she comments that people would think the two of us were related if we dated--which was all the more reason that she date him instead of me.
One night, Draco had finally out-waited Pansy, and she had gone to bed while he remained at the table they had occupied all evening. I was sitting in front of the fireplace, reading a book in my spare time. Suddenly, Draco came over and sat next to me on the couch. Though it was a large couch, he sat so close to me, I began to feel uncomfortable. But there was no way I would complain--this was Draco, coming to sit next to me....
Then he spoke. "Iris, I have liked you for a while now." Shocked, I fumbled for words to say. "But, but--you're dating my sister Draco." I winced. Those probably weren't the best words to tell him right when he admitted to something I had dreamt of for so long....
"Yes, but she is a bit....overbearing? And you, well you're....not. I don't want to say 'you're always there, in the background,' because that sounds like something a Gryffindor would tell a girl." I laughed with him. "But I've come to realize--" he broke off, staring, and I followed his gaze....
....Straight to the hallway down to the dormitories. Standing at the head of the hall, staring disbelievingly was none other than Pansy. She looked furious.
"Draco, what are you doing?! Why are you sitting there WITH MY SISTER?!?! WHAT have you come to realize?" she screamed at him.
"I had realized that...." Draco began.
"WELL?" Pansy yelled when he stopped.
"I had realized that I don't like you, Pansy, and I don't want to be associated with you anymore. You're a possessive, domineering, whining, Slytherin girl, who just wants to be able to say she's 'got' Draco Malfoy in her claws." Draco said calmly with a perfectly straight face. I gaped at him, horrified. Pansy screamed, whipping her wand out from under her silver nightgown, and pointing it straight at Draco. Just as her Stupefy curse flew at him, Draco's wand came up in time to deflect the curse, and the Petrificus Totalus curse that followed after. Pansy, face flushed, tears bright in her eyes, turned and ran back down the hall to her dorm. A couple other Slytherin girls were coming out of the dormitory to see what all the screaming was about. Draco looked back at me. I was still staring at him in horrified silence.
"Yes?" he said in a flat voice.
"There'll be no living with her now." I said in a whisper. Draco shrugged. I slapped him. He stared at me now.
"You should have found a better way to say that, Mr. Malfoy," I hissed.
"A better way to say what, Miss Parkinson?" he said back, as though his left cheek didn't bear a blazing red mark in the shape of my hand.
"A better way to say 'oh well,' or a better way to tell your sister to get the Hades away from me?"
"I meant the latter, as you well know, Malfoy."
"Why must everyone call me by my last name?" he said suddenly, looking at the fire as though it were a person. "I realize I am a Malfoy, but people seem to think I need constant reminding of the fact."
"Goodnight," I said in a voice as cold as ice. I stood from the couch, and turned to stalk away. Draco reached out and grabbed my wrist.
"Wait." I looked down into his face, and saw something completely different than the usual disinterested mask that was usually plastered on his face. I began to shake, tears welling up in my eyes. I pulled back, but he wouldn't let me go.
"Don't. I really don't like Pansy--she is the perfect example of a good Slytherin girl, but honestly, I can't stand her company every waking moment. No matter what, this was going to happen between the pair of us, and she would have somehow pinned my personal choice on you, no matter where you happened to be at the time. Please understand. I do like you better than she, and I would like to get to know you more."
I realized that the great Draco Malfoy had just asked me, quite nicely, to understand, to come round to his point of view, quickly followed by his statement that he wanted to get to know me better. Everything was coming true tonight, in a horribly twisted way. I knew there was going to be a lot to pay with Pansy around. She might see fit to do all sorts of horrible jinxes to me from here 'till Christmas next. But I still stood there in silence.
"Is that a 'no.' "
"A no to what, Mr. Malfoy?" I asked in a shaky voice.
"A no to understanding what I am trying to tell you, and a no to becoming a close friend instead of distant acquaintances."
"You little rat! You don't deserve to be called a snake! It is too high an honor for a piece of slime like you!" I whipped my head around to see who had spoken. Three Slytherin girls Pansy's age were standing at the top of the hall now. The leader had her wand out and pointing at me.
"What has she told you this time?" Draco asked, fixing the three with a hard glare. The leader didn't speak. The girl to the right answered:
"She stole you from Pansy--by devious means! What a low down trick to play on a fellow Slytherin!"
"Yes, it would not matter if you stole him from a Gryffindor! Or even a Ravenclaw girl! But from a Slytherin, not to mention your own sister....!" the third girl said. The leader flicked her wand at me.
"Down the hall, now, or I'll curse you in front of your drugged boyfriend."
"Drugged?" Draco said, understanding starting to blossom in his eyes.
:Love potions aren't permitted, Parkinson!" the leader taunted, waving her wand as if it were a disapproving finger.
"She didn't use a love potion," Draco said, standing, and drawing his own wand. "For one thing, I don't act like a smitten fool in front of her, and for another, I haven't rushed you, brandishing a sword and swearing I am her hero, so I obviously am not 'under the influence.' "
"Then what did she use?" the second girl queried. "Pansy knew Iris had influenced you in some way to get you away from her."
"She would say that. How many girls have you heard use that excuse before, when it was all their fault in the first place?" Draco said in a deadly voice.
"Thirteen....oh," the third girl said, realizing what Draco meant. The leader slowly lowered her wand.
"So you're saying Pansy lied, and you broke it off with her because she really was a loser girlfriend?"
Draco nodded.
"Hm. I'll talk to her. In the meantime, both of you need to be in bed, or at least quiet, you hear?" she responded, tapping the prefect badge pinned to her dressing gown collar. Draco and I both nodded. Draco lowered his wand to his side, but didn't put it away until the prefect had put hers away. He nodded to me, and gestured for me to precede him. I went forward nervously, rubbing my tears away roughly. I heard Draco follow me to the entrance to the hall, where he turned to go down the separate hall that branched off just inside. I turned to say goodnight a little nicer than I had previously.
Draco just looked at me, and I couldn't seem to get the words out. Then he reached forward and drew me into a hug.
"Goodnight, Miss Parkinson."
"Good-night, Mr....Draco."
"Mm, Mr. Draco. Not one I've heard before, but a welcome change from Malfoy. 'Night, Iris," he said. Then he turned and went down the hallway, leaving me standing in the cool passageway.

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