Fire and Ice(Jacob Black Story)

Fire and Ice(Jacob Black Story)

Okay so when I read the short second life of Bree Tanner I got this idea!!!
Anyways, I hope you guys really like it!!

Tell me what you think................PLEASE!

Second short life of Bree Tanner spoilers!

Chapter 1

Things will never be the same.

by: Today_
"I love you."
"I love you more." I said as I gave, my boyfriend, Jacob a peck on the lips.
"Promise me one thing."
"Don't ever forget me."
"I'll never forget you." He promised kissing the top of my forehead.
End of Flash back
I sighed. Now he doesn't even want to talk to me.He's too busy being one of them . What if while he was sick....he possibly turned gay, and was dating one of them? I quickly shook the thought out of my head.
I decided to call Jake how he was doing since he got sick.
To my luck Jake answered it, "Hello?"
"Hey it's me Faith."
"Faith....I'm sorry, but don't call me again.
"What's wrong?"
"I can do way much better than you.....I actually forgot about you. Just leave me alone things are better this way."

That night I cried my eyes out....he promised me he'd never forget about me.
End of Flashback

I turned on the headlights in my car. They really do need street lights in Seattle. I had to go see my Grandma who was sick, but now I was on my way home to La Push.
Then my phone started ringing it was him.
Phone convo:
Me: Hello?
Jacob: We need to talk.
Me: I can't, I'm in Seattle.
Jacob: Please.....we need to talk.
It was dark outside, and I was on the road, alone.
Me: About what?
Jacob: Can't you just come and then I'll tell you.
I wasn't paying attention and crashed the car into a tree. The windows broke, and my head hit the steering wheel hard. I saw a pale figure coming towards me.
Jacob: Faith! Faith! Answer me please............

That was the last thing I heard before passing out.....


Jacob's p.o.v

The phone line went dead, and I started to panic. I ran to Sam's house.

"Jake, what's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Call the guys something happened to Faith!" I shouted.

If something happened to her, I would kill myself. Last time I saw her, I broke her heart for her own safety. I was going to tell her everything about what happened and how I imprinted on her.....

Faith's p.o.v

I was unconscious, and someone was carrying me running fast. The person stopped, and set me down on the cold, hard, floor.

"Victoria, I brought you another one."

"Riley, I'm impressed."

The guy, Riley, kicked me in the stomach and it hurt. If I weren't unconscious, I would've moved.

"I think she'd be really strong....maybe even be my assistant, besides Diego you don't know how crazy it gets."

"Aww, that's nice of you." Victoria said, and I could hear the sound of her feet hitting the floor.
She grabbed my arm, and I felt this massive pain......did she just sink her teeth into me? Seconds later, my whole body started burning.I managed to bite my lip to keep me from screaming.

"Did you hide her scent?" She asked.

"Yes, and I hope you don't mind but I went hunting for a look a like.....I heard her talking on the phone to a Jacob from La push I think.....also her license says that her name is Faith Aislinn Blakely."

"Good job, Riley.....let's go celebrate."

When I couldn't hear anything else, I started thinking, panicing. Why do they want me? Deep down I had a feeling that things will never be the same..............

Please tell me what you think!!

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