I Love....Draco?!

I Love....Draco?!

Name: Alison Joanie Malt
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: emerald green
Father: William Philip Malt~Wizard
Mother: Vanessa Allyson Swaft-Malt~Wizard
*Harry and the others are just beginning Hogwarts, too

Chapter 1

First Day at Hogwarts

"Lonette, Hilary!" professor mcgonagall yelled out and a short girl with blonde hair and pigtails sat down on the stool, shaking.
The white-blonde haired boy beside me snickered. "Lonette? her father is a blood traitor, you kno."
"you must be draco malfoy," i said, rolling my eyes. "my father warned me about you. pure-blood, muggle-hater....a lot like your father, apparently."
he raised his eyebrows. "and who are you?"
"malt," i said calmly. "alison malt."
"pure-blood," He said, nodding slowly. "maybe you'll be in Slytherin with me."
"in your dreams," i muttered under my breath a second before the Sorting Hat yelled out "HUFFLEPUFF!" the Hufflepuffs cheered.
"Malfoy, Draco!" professor mcgonagall yelled out and draco smirked at me before taking his spot on the stool.
"you friends with Malfoy?" a black-haired boy whispered in my ear; i fake-gagged.
"please!" i snickered quietly. "malfoy? gross!"
the boy smiled at me and i gasped.
"you're harry p-potter!" he blushed a little. i had noticed the lightning-scar on his forehead.
"SLYTHERIN!" the Sorting Hat yelled out and the Slytherin table went wild.
"Malt, Alison!" professor mcgonagall yelled out and i slowly took my seat on the stool.
"well well well," a voice rang through my ears. "a pure-blood, huh?"
'please not slytherin' i thought to myself and a laugh echoed throughout my head.
"no, you're not that kind of pureblood," the Sorting Hat said thoughtfully. "you seem pretty loyal, but i can tell you're kind of lazy..."
the Sorting Hat laughed. "oh, you know it's true....maybe ravenclaw? you are very intelligent....but your creativity could use some help...."
it laughed again. "no problem. you are very brave....very, very brave in fact....
"GRYFFINDOR!" the Gryffindor table went mad as i handed professor mcgonagall the Sorting Hat.
"Mesun, Jack!"
as i was walking to the Gryffindor table, i caught draco's eye. he smirked at me and i made a face at him as i sat down next to a girl i remember being called: Hermione Granger.
"hello," she said, holding out a hand, which i shook. "my name is-" i interrupted her.
"Hermione Granger," i said, and she smiled. "yes, i remember."
"first thing's first," she said, giving me a stern look. "have you read all of your books over the summer already?"
"of course," i said and she smiled again.
"then....what's cry is fatal to anyone who hears it?"
"the mandrake's, of course."
"i think we're going to be great friends," she said and i laughed.
"so you're a Gryffindor now?"i jumped and spun around to see Draco right behind me.
"and you're a Slytherin." we started walking towards the doors of the Great Hall, along with hundreds of other Slytherins, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs.
"our houses are sworn enemies, you know," he said, waving at a guy we passed (who glared at me; he's obviously a Slytherin)
"i kinda got the hint," i snickered and he laughed.
"guess ill see you around Malt,"he said, smiling at me.
"later draco,"i said, rolling my eyes and heading up the stairs.

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