What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

What Happened to 'Love'? (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story ever written on Quibblo! I began writing it in a notebook and decided to post it on here one night. :)

Sad disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!

Enjoii ;)

Chapter 1

Info, Flashback

by: MrsRadke
NAME: Kimberly (Kimmy) Tyler
AGE: 18, but 9 in the flashback
HERITAGE: Italian and Australian, but born in America
hair- blonde, a little longer than her shoulders
eyes- brown
skin tone- light, but with color
style- girlyish punk rocker (after flashback)

+ + + +

I sat down on the swing, as Taylor began to push me. We just laughed as I swung higher and higher. "I'm too high, I wanna get down!" I shouted at him scared, even though I was still smiling. "No way! You didn't even pass the bar yet!" he shouted back. "Taylor!" I whined to him, even though I knew he wouldn't give in.
I didn't really think through what I did next. I put my arms outside the chains, jumped off the swing, and fell into the woodchips. "Owwwww!" I screamed when I hit the ground. Taylor ducked underneath the swing and came to kneel next to me. "Oh my God, Kimmy are you okay?" he asked taking my scratched knee in his hands and examining it. "No, I'm bleeding and it burns." I said crying a little. "I'm really sorry, please don't cry. Come on let's go back to my house, my mom has stuff to fix it." he said. He picked me up off the ground and put me on his back, he carried me all the way home.
"Mom!" he yelled once we were inside. She didn't answer at first, but I could hear her coming down the stairs. "Tay, you can let me down if you want." I offered, rubbing the last couple tears out of my eyes. "But I don't want to." he said smiling back at me with his warm brown eyes. His mom came down wiping her hands with a towel when she saw us. "Oh Kimmy, what happened to your knee, sweetie?" she asked coming closer to us. Taylor finally decided to let me down. "She jumped off the swing and fell." he explained calmly to her. "Ok, come on let's go clean it up before it gets infected." I sighed, "Alright." Of course Taylor followed us into the bathroom. She sat me down on top of the counter and began putting this jelly-like clear stuff on my knee, I thought it was gonna burn but it didn't. Just after she finished, the phone rang. "Taylor get Kimmy a band-aid while I go get the phone." she said, walking out. He climbed on the counter and opened the medicine cabinet. He pulled out two boxes, "Tye-dye or Mickey Mouse?" he asked me flashing a very cute smile. "Mickey." I said smiling too. He took off all the wrappers and gently placed it on my knee. "Better?" he asked me. "Yup!" I said cheerily hopping off the counter, he did the same. "You're a really great friend Tay, even if you do irritate me to death." I told him as we walked through the hallway and out the back door. "Am I your best friend?" he asked me, truly curious. "You're my bestest friend on the planet and I love you lots and lots. " I told him, all happy inside. We began walking along the side of the road, just talking, when suddenly, he grabbed my hand. "I love you lots and lots too." he said mimicking my tone. "And, well isn't it like when a boy and a girl love each other, they...................... you know, get married?" he said, his voice a little unsure. "You're right........... we should." I said squeezing his hand a little harder and pulling him with me.
******15 MINUTES LATER******
We were standing under the big tree by the park, still holding hands, looking at each other. "Ok let's do this............... Kimmy Tyler, I pinky promise you'll alwats be my best friend forever and that I will always love you more than I love anyone else in the whole wide world." he said sounding like a real man, even though he wasn't even ten yet. I smiled at him, showing all my teeth, which I rarely did because of my braces. "Taylor Lautner, I pinky promise to always be there for you when you want me, and when you don't. And I'll be the bestest best friend ever and I'll always love you, always." I repeated for emphisis, blushing."So what now?" I asked him quietly."Well ummmmmm, now I think I'm supposed to kiss you." he said looking down momentarily. "Kissing's icky though." I said wrinkling my nose. "But I think it would be okay coming from you." I said quickly before he could get his feelings hurt. He smiled and leaned in slowly, I closed the space between us. Our lips touched ever so slightly, but when they did I swear I saw fireworks going off. I could also feel that crazy feeling you get when you go down the first drop on the highest rollercoaster in the park. I pulled back, biting my lip. "I love you." I whispered to him. "I love you too, I swear I'll never hurt you, ever. And if I do, make me remember right now, and I'll come back to the way everything is supposed to be." he said looking, straight faced, into my eyes. He squeezed the hand he was holding of mine. We slid down to sit at the bottom of the tree trunk. We could have stayed like that for the rest of our lives, too bad this little thing called 'Twilight' came and swooped my lovely fantasy life away, including the one I was in love with.
*omg did u guys like it or what? i think its pretty cool so far, (well duh i made it lol) but like plz plz PLZ! leave comments and rate it it wud make me rlly happy!!!! and yea, if u guys got some ideas also that wud be cool too, alrite peaces out my little sleigh bells! (thts wat imma call u guys til xmas) woohoo alrite im jus talkin crap now so ill go! bye sleigh bells!!!!

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