My Heart Is Yours But My Soul...I will Keep(A Jasper Hale Lovestory)Prt5

Hello Peoples! Sorry I didn't put this part out sooner. I've been tied up in some of my other stories and I haven't been getting that many ideas. The I deas fro this story were off of New Moon and Eclipse the book. Well I hope you like it.

Recap: Jasper met and ran away Grace. You tried to tell him that she wasn't going to hurt you, but he still didn't believe it. So he marched off to the car. You followed him. Then He stopped. You followed his gaze and saw...

Chapter 1

The Black Cloaks

There they were. In front of the Porsche were the Vulturi. "Why are you here?" asked Jasper. A girl with blonde hair and red eyes in a bun stepped foreward. Jasper got into a protective crouch. "Why do you think we came, Jasper? What do you think your heart-broken Alice told us?" She was smirking at me the whole time. Jasper just hissed in response. Jane chuckled. "Just like your brother. You fell in love with a weak, little human. You know what Aro's going to think." Her voice chimed. "What did Alice tell you?" Jasper asked. "Why don't you ask her yourself.." Jane smiled develishly and turned her head. I followed Jane's gaze. Tere she was. Alice. In a black cloak with red eyes like all the others. "Hello, Jasper." She said. "Alice." Jasper breathed.

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