The Cow Says Moo, And Haru Says I Love You! (A Hatsuharu Love Story!)

ok, so the survey said most of you wanted Haru, but Kyo was real close, so I might make another story just for everyone who loves him! Well, get reading!

Chapter 4

Red Head vs. Blue Head

I stomped outside, my strides longer than the others, who were following behind me.
'How dare he. I'll show him. I'll show him real good." I muttered to myself.
"Hey, you don't have to do this, you know," said a soft voice from behind me.
I turned, my face still red and fuming. It was Hatsuharu.
"Kyo's had years of training in martial arts. The only person he can't beat is Yuki." he said. Obviously he'd tried before, and failed.
"I don't care. He pushed me over the edge, and he's going to pay," I said, cracking my knuckles.
"He's right, Lola. You have nothing to prove by fighting him," said Yuki, as he walked out the door, followed by a stunned Tohru, a worried Shigure, a giddy Momiji, and a fuming Kyo.
"No, I'm fighting her. I don't care if she's a girl or not! I'M NOT LOSING TO A CHICK!" he screamed.
I laughed slightly, then we stood in front of each other in the clearing in front of the house. The others watched us wearily.
"Blueberry, I'll give you one chance to back down but if-" Kyo started.
"No." I said, staring into his eyes the way a girl does. (You know what I mean, ladies).
He grinned, "Fine then."
He turned and walked away slightly, then quickly turned around and ran at me, screaming.
I stood there, letting him come at me. Then, when he was closer, I did what I planned all along.
Kicked him in the woo-hoo.
His mouth turned into an O, then he dropped like a sack of potatoes. I quickly bent down next to him and grabbed onto his neck, pin pointing a pressure point.
"OWWWW!" he screamed, from the pain in his pants and neck.
"Are you going to stop being mean to me?" I asked sweetly, leaning into his ear.
"YES! NOW LET ME GO!" he shouted. For a martial arts expert, he was pretty sappy.
"Ah-Ah-Ah. What's the magic word?" I asked.
I squeezed harder.
"OUCH! Just. Please. Let. Me. Go." he panted.
I smiled, "Ok." and released him, leaving him laying on the ground and walked back over to Tohru and the others.
"How was that?" I asked.
I got no reply, only shocked faces.
"No one's ever beat Kyo like that!" said Momiji.
"Yeah, that was pretty slick." said Shigure.
"And you haven't had any training what so ever?" asked Yuki.
"Nope, only one self defense lesson from 3 years ago." I replied. admiring my handiwork.
Kyo was sitting up. rubbing his neck. He was looking down at the ground, skulking.
"Well, can I go back in, Shigure? Leave Kyo to pout by himself?" I asked. I wanted food.
Shigure nodded, and I went in. Tohru went to to see if Kyo was ok, and Yuki just stared while Shigure teased him about "Getting beaten by a high school girl".
"I'll get you, Lola! Just like I'll get that Yuki!" I heard him shout at me as I walked in. I ignored him.
I walked into the kitchen, looking for anything i could stuff my face with. I hadn't eaten at all since yesterday, and hadn't had a decent meal since God knows when.
It wasn't until I raised a riceball to my mouth I noticed I wasn't alone.
Hatsuharu had followed me into the kitchen, and picked up a riceball as well.
"Hi." I said, blinking up at him. He was about half a foot taller than me.
"Hey. That was pretty impressive." he said, taking a bite of his riceball.
I shrugged, "I just kicked him in them well, you know where is all. Self defense 101."
He smiled slightly, "You don't seem much like your cousin, do you?"
"I wouldn't say that.." I muttered, and spilled some rice on my chin.
"Let me get that for you," said Hatsuharu, and he reached up and wiped his thumb over my chin, his wrist slightly brushing along my blue hair.
He smiled down at me, as I blushed silently.
"Do you want to-" he started, but then a loud bang rang through the house.
We quickly ran out of the kitchen, and there lay Kyo, right on top of pieces of what used to be the sliding door.
"Boys, what have I said about breaking my house? Tohru just fixed that not too long ago," whined Shigure like a child.
"It's Yuki's for kicking me through the door!" shouted Kyo.
"No, you're the one who got up and came at me. Just because you lost to miss Lola," said Yuki, wiping his hands.
"Speaking of which! You better rest with one eye opened, girly! I'm not finished with you!" shouted Kyo at me as he stood up, not even hurt by going through a door.
"Good to know, Ginger." I said, and turned back to the kitchen.
Next thing I knew, Kyo was running at me from behind (I could hear his screams of rage) and before I could turn around, Hatsuharu was already in front of me, grabbing Kyo by the collar.
"You better stop, cat boy., She beat you fair and square, and if you're going to attack her from behind, i might just kick your butt." he said, raising his fist as the calm boy I just met became darker by the second.
"Hatsuharu, stop." I said, grabbing his arm before he could hit Kyo in the face.
He paused, then let Kyo go. He walked out of the house, his face down.
I looked at the others, who seemed slightly shocked.
Then I saw Tohru, and she nodded at me.

Authors note: sorry I haven't written, well, ANYTHING lately! I've been busy, and kind of dried out of ideas. But I'm going to try to update most of my stories. But I might drop a few i feel like are not going anywhere, which is mainly the Vampire/Werewolf one. So no worries here! :) I hope you enjoyed, and keep commenting! <3 V.

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