The Cow Says Moo, And Haru Says I Love You! (A Hatsuharu Love Story!)

ok, so the survey said most of you wanted Haru, but Kyo was real close, so I might make another story just for everyone who loves him! Well, get reading!

Chapter 2


"My Dad died when I was little, and I lived with my Mom until recently. She ran off to Africa with her new boyfriend without even bringing or telling me, so I needed to find family to stay with, or at least thats what the cops said. My mom told me about Tohru, because she was her moms sister. She told me her mom was a, um, yankee, and that, in her words not mine, it was a miracle she was killed in a car crash and not in a gang fight. I dont believe any of that, but I had to come here. There is no one left in my true family that wants anything to do with me, because apparently im too weird, so I came here and found out Tohru lives with all of you, so I decided to coime, and here we are." I said.
Shigure looked at me with pity, "Oh, you poor poor thing! We cant just turn you out to the street! Any family of Tohru is family to us!" he said.
Kyo looked at him like he was crazy, "What the heck! She cant stay here! ANOTHER GIRL IN THIS HOUSE IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!" he yelled.
Yuki shook his head, "Nonsense, she needs a place to stay, and we are going to let her stay here." said Yuki, and Shigure nodded aprovingly.
Kyo looked maaaaad, "If she stays here, Im gonna leave."
I laughed, "No you wont, Ginger. You loooove me too much, haha!"
"Wat the hel!" he yelled, his face getting red. He stood up and put on his jacket, which was lying on the ground, and walked out the dooor, "IM GOING OUT!" he said.
"With who!" I yelled back, laughing.
I turned bak to Shigure, Yuki, and Tohru, who were all laughing, except Tohru was laughing nervously like she was confused.
"Wow, it takes alot to get Kyo that mad, and usually im the only one who can." said Yuki chuckling.
"Yes, that was quite a sight." said Shigure.
"Um, well, does that mean she gets to stay here?" asked Tohru.
"OF CORSE!" yelled Shigure, "Lolita, were are your bags? You can share a room with Tohru."
I walked over to my tote bag and picked it up, and walked back to the table.
They all looked at me like I was crazy, "Is that all you have?" asked Yuki
I nodded.
"That not a suitbale wardrobe at all!" said Shigure.
"Go upstairs and put that bag in Tohrus room, Yuki, Tohru, you are going to take Lolita shopping for more things." he said, handning Yuki a credit card.
"She needs a bed, King sized, clothes, and much much more....," he said to himself.
Tohru led me up the stairs and down the hall, into a large room. It was hers, because there was a king sized bed with pink sheets on it and a few posters and pictures on the wall.
"Wow, its roomy." I said.
Tohru took my bag and placed it by her bed, and we walked back down the stairs, where Yuki was already calling a cab.
"Now, you three have fun!" yelled Shigure as we left.....

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